• Your home’s bathroom is heavily used, providing a space for everyone to get ready for the day each morning and wind down before bed each night. To keep it in its best shape, it’s a good idea to know when it’s time to remodel the space. Keep reading to learn three important signs that it’s time to hire one of the best bathroom remodeling companies in your area to get the job done right.

    1. You Need More Storage Space

    If your bathroom is one of the 14% that is compact in size, according to Home Stratosphere, you could benefit from a remodel that involves expansion. Perhaps your family has grown over time, too, so it may go without saying that your needs have also grown. This is in terms of things like bathroom storage. If you’re finding it difficult to store everything that needs to stay in the bathroom without hassle, then you need to remodel the space and add storage. A simple remodel may include adding shelves and cabinets, while a more complex one may call for knocking down a wall or two to increase the space in the bathroom. Find out the option that will have the best outcome for you and talk to bathroom remodeling companies to see how they can help you.

    2. Some Fixtures Aren’t Working Well

    Your bathroom’s fixtures must all be functional if the space is to be at its most efficient. With that said, find out whether all the fixtures work and list those that don’t. If there are many that don’t work, this may point you toward doing a full bathroom remodel and replacing the broken fixtures. Bathroom remodeling companies may offer you a good deal if you enlist their services. This includes charging less for service and the fixtures you need to get since you’ll get them as a package.

    3. There Are Signs of Damage

    Finally, if there are signs of damage in your bathroom such as broken and missing tiles, water damage, and discolored walls and surfaces, you may benefit from doing a full bathroom remodel. Find out from the bathroom remodeling companies in your area if there are any designs that will suit your bathroom style and the budget you have for the project.

    A bathroom remodel will be a great investment for your family in terms of storage space, improved functionality, and increased home value. Contact our team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan today to learn more about our bathroom remodeling services!