• 4 Signs It’s Time to Improve the Functionality of Your Bathroom

    November 6, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • A functioning bathroom is essential for a comfortable home. After all, your bathroom is where you bathe, relieve yourself, and relax. Here are signs it’s time for bathroom remodeling that can improve its function.

    1. Poor Lighting

    A functioning bathroom should allow you to see yourself correctly. After all, your bathroom is where you start getting ready in the morning for work or school. You’ll also often be in there getting ready for your big date at night. Remember safety concerns in a bathroom. A bathroom is where one can easily trip and fall due to wet spaces. If you have poor lighting, that can exacerbate safety concerns.

    2. Lack of Ventilation

    Bathroom ventilation is essential for your health and overall comfort. Ventilation can ensure foul odors don’t linger after you relieve yourself. It can also prevent humidity from building up, which can breed mold. After all, it only takes 24 to 72 hours for mold to begin sprouting on a wet surface, according to CNET. That can have a negative effect on your respiratory health.

    3. Cluttered Countertop

    Is it hard to see your bathroom countertop space? You may not see the beautiful marble or granite surface if your toiletries and makeup are on your bathroom countertop. When you have tons of items stored on the back of your toilet or countertop, it’s a sign that you don’t have enough bathroom storage. Your bathroom should be able to hold space for your linens, toiletries, and cleaning products. You can install that bathroom vanity you’ve always wanted with bathroom remodeling. Remodeling professionals could install a medicine cabinet or include built-in shelves within renovated shower walls.

    4. Tight Space

    Is it hard to maneuver yourself around the bathroom? 14.81% of bathrooms are compact, According to Home Stratosphere. However, bathroom remodeling professionals have various techniques to open spaces up. They can convert your shower/tub combination to a standalone shower if you don’t frequently take baths. They can also change the layout of your toilet or create a smaller, more efficient sink space.

    As you can see, bathroom remodeling is essential to creating a functional space. Professionals can ensure your bathroom is safe to walk around, is well-lit, and has enough storage. For quality bathroom remodeling you can’t wait to show off, contact our team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan for a consultation.