• 4 Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time to Invest in Replacement Windows

    June 25, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you love your home, which we bet you do, then you won’t wait for your windows to fall apart to get replacement windows. However, the truth is that you may sometimes neglect certain parts of your house, including your windows and roof. This is understandable, given that windows are designed to have a long service life. Hence, they may not be at the top of your mind.

    The following signs will tell you that it’s time to replace your home windows.

    1. One Too Many Window Repairs

    If you find that you’re repairing the same window problem every other time, then it’s a sign that you need replacement windows. Most minor window problems like faulty sash support systems and malfunctioning window operators can be satisfactorily repaired. Other common window problems that are repairable include damaged window screens, broken insulated glass units, and broken window locks and latches. However, when you complete two or more repairs, and the problems persist or keep reoccurring, then it’s time to replace the windows.

    Persistent window problems may be due to wear and tear or installing substandard windows. If you’re not sure whether you need to repair or replace your windows, you should call one of the reputable window replacement companies in Michigan to get a professional opinion. A good window replacement company will supply and install top-quality replacement windows that will serve you for a long time with little to zero repairs needed.

    2. Exposure to Wind, Water, and Sunlight

    One of the primary functions of windows is to protect your family and the property in your house from the elements. Without properly functioning windows, your house would be invaded by water, sunlight, and wind, making it inhabitable. It’s easy to know when your windows are compromised.

    First, when it rains, water will leak through the windows and get inside your house. If it’s raining heavily, you may have flood water in your house. When the rain isn’t heavy, you’ll observe wet patches on the walls below the windows and the sides.

    Depending on how damaged the windows are, you may feel a gentle breeze coming through your windows when they are closed. If you put a lit candle closer to the window, and it goes off, it confirms that there’s air infiltration. Air and water infiltration happens when the weather-stripped mainframes and sashes are compromised or when the multi-chambered head, sills, and jambs sustain damages.

    3. Unusually High Energy Bills

    While energy bills may fluctuate from time to time depending on the season, you’ll notice when the bill is abnormally high. Malfunctioning windows may be the reason why your energy bills are unusually high.

    As such, when you warm your house, some of the hot air from the heater will escape through the broken sealants. Likewise, when cooling your house, some cold air will leak out through the broken sealants. This means that your home heater and AC will use more electricity to heat and cool your house.

    When you replace your old windows with new energy-efficient windows, you’ll decrease your energy bills substantially. For instance, if you decide to replace your single-pane windows with Energy Star windows, you can save up to $465 per year. On average, you’ll realize cost savings of between $126 and $465 annually when you choose these energy-efficient windows.

    4. Visible Wear and Tear

    Windows influence the overall curb appeal of your home significantly. When you have old windows with rot and warp, your house won’t look attractive. This would call for a complete window replacement so that your window colors and styles can blend well with the rest of the house. Some of the popular window designs include double-hung, slider, and casement. To find quality replacement windows for your Michigan house, you should trust the top window replacement companies in Michigan. It’s important that you purchase your replacement window from a company that also offers window installation services.