• 5 Factors to Consider Before Installing a Sunroom in Your House

    May 10, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Adding a sunroom in your house gives you some indoor space where you can enjoy the natural sunlight without leaving your house. Sunrooms are a thoughtful addition to your home. You and your family can use the sunroom additions for multiple purposes while enjoying the warmth of the sun. Being a substantial investment in your home, you should engage an experienced sunroom contractor in Flint to install your sunroom.

    Before you call a sunroom contractor to install your solarium, consider the following factors.

    1. The Size and Use of Your Sunroom

    The size of your sunroom is crucial because it influences how you can use it. In terms of utility, sunrooms provide a versatile space that can be used for many purposes. You may use your sunroom as a formal sitting area for conversing with friends and family, use it as a study room, kids’ playroom, living room, or convert it into an extra bedroom. The uses of a sunroom are dependent on its size. For instance, a small sunroom may be ideal for use as a study room but not appropriate for an entertainment room. If you’re not sure what size is the best fit for your use, a sunroom contractor in Michigan will help you decide.

    2. Do You Have a Strategic Space for Your Sunroom Addition?

    Ideally, sunrooms should be located in a space that receives plenty of sunshine and has an expansive outdoor view. The whole idea of installing a sunroom in your house is to have a space with natural sunlight plus an impressive view. You may not enjoy your sunroom as much if you install it in an underwhelming location. For instance, you don’t want your sunroom to be facing your garage’s walls or be obstructed by your fence or other structures in your home. You should ensure that you have convenient space for the placement of your sunroom so that you can enjoy your conservatory all year round.

    3. The Internal Access of the Sunroom

    Consider which room in your house will be used to access the sunroom. This depends on what you intend to use your sunroom for. If you want your sunroom to be a private space for mediation or a study room, you may want to access it from your bedroom. Conversely, if you want to use your sunroom as a formal sitting area or for your entertainment, you want to access it from the living room. Having easy access to your sunroom makes its use more convenient. As such, you should brainstorm with sunroom contractors before installation. The contractor may have to conduct minor or extensive renovations depending on your house’s design.

    4. Consider the Type of Materials Used to Install the Sunroom

    A good sunroom contractor will use high-quality materials when installing your solarium. The contractor should consider your area’s climate and whether you want insulated or non-insulated sunrooms additions. For insulated sunrooms, contractors use thermally improved foam-filled channels, Energy Star windows and doors, low-E solar control warm edge glass, insulated composite roof systems, and vinyl sash insulated windows. These high-quality materials can withstand strong winds and snow loads, keeping you and your family safe during adverse weather.

    5. Select a Reputable Sunroom Contractor

    Ultimately, the workmanship of your contractor of choice will determine the overall quality of your sunroom. You want to select an experienced contractor who has a reputation for installing top-quality sunrooms in your area. The top sunroom contractors in Michigan will do all the installation work without sub-contracting, so they can guarantee quality. You’ll enjoy quality installation services without paying through your nose.

    Today, more than 50% of homeowners who are renovating and remodeling their homes are the senior population. A good number of these homeowners are installing sunrooms to add more utility to their homes. A sunroom gives you a versatile, open, and airy space where you can enjoy the natural sunlight while carrying on with your normal operations. You should trust a top sunroom contractor who offers other services such as window installation and bathroom remodeling.