• A luxury bathroom in Michigan is one of the components that make up an ideal master bedroom. It can be substituted as a mini spa, where you can have a small retreat as you prepare for the day and pamper yourself. It is estimated that 28.26% of bathrooms have porcelain tiles on their walls. Having a luxury bathroom in your Michigan home is a great way to indulge yourself in much needed relaxation after a long day. Here are some features you can find in a luxury bathroom.


    It is one of the main components you can find in a luxury bathroom. Having a soaker tub enables you to soak in warm water as you relax after a stressful day. Luxurious bathtubs come in a variety of materials such as brass, copper, or cast iron which retain heat in bathwater compared to bathtubs made out of acrylic or porcelain.

    Glass Showers

    Another essential feature of a luxurious bathroom is its shower space. This shower space usually contains a separate shower styled with exquisite finishes such as tiles and other fixtures. The shower can follow the design of a glass shower cubicle complemented with shower handles to give the bathroom a classy touch. A walk-through shower with a custom-made design is equipped with sprays, body jets, and two sets of shower heads.


    The correct choice of lighting largely impacts the grandeur of a luxury bathroom in Michigan. This is achieved when dim yellow lights are incorporated to create a relaxing ambiance in the bathroom.

    Marble Flooring

    Marble is considered a luxurious surface material used in bathroom flooring. There are various ways marble is incorporated into a luxury bathroom design. It is usually used on the bathroom’s floor or wall. Having a custom-designed shower provides a great way to highlight your bathroom’s marble tile flooring.


    Space is an important feature in a luxury bathroom. Having a large space enables your room to move around the bathroom, a dry area for changing, and space for the shower. A spacious bathroom enables you to have privacy and an ideal amount of room space.

    These are just some of the few features a luxury bathroom might have. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom into a luxury space, reach out to us today. We will help you pick out suitable materials needed to transform your bathroom into a luxurious one.