• 5 Signs You Need to Change Up the Aesthetics in Your Bathroom

    January 15, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • The bathroom is one of those rooms that people often forget about when planning a renovation. However, a new luxury bathroom is sometimes a critical part of your home improvement and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are five signs you need to upgrade your bathroom ASAP to keep it looking good.

    1. You’ve Never Upgraded Your Bathroom

    Have you ever taken the time to upgrade your bathroom? If you’re like most people, then you probably haven’t. This mistake can only be fixed by planning a renovation. When you’ve been living in your home longer than 10 years and you’ve never upgraded the bathroom, plan on doing it right away to get your home in a more modern era.

    2. It’s Getting a Little Bland

    It’s common for many homes to have an old-school style that lacks the charm it once possessed. In fact, only about 12.43% of all bathrooms have a modern design style, according to Home Stratosphere. This statistic means you probably have a bathroom that needs to be updated with the times. If it feels bland to you, then it probably should be fixed.

    3. People Are Talking About It

    While you shouldn’t install a luxury bathroom just because people are laughing at your current one, it isn’t a bad idea to take constructive criticism seriously. Talk to your friends and family members about your bathroom style and change it if a majority of them think it needs a little help.

    4. There Are Some Pretty Embarrassing Design Choices

    We all make mistakes when designing a home, such as putting up something silly in the bathroom. If so, then it might be time to upgrade your bathroom! Don’t forget that outdated toilets and sinks may also be embarrassing to keep around.

    5. You Have the Money for a Renovation

    Did you save up a good amount of money or get a strong tax return that you’re not sure how to use? A good bathroom renovation is a great idea! You not only use your money constructively, but you can also improve the resale value of your home if you ever decide to put it on the market later. If you think that it’s time to change up your bathroom, then it’s important to reach out to our team of trusted renovation experts and learn more about our luxury bathroom options, at Vinyl Sash of Michigan. They can help you better understand what’s available and make planning your upgrade easier and more effective.