• Drafty windows can be a challenge to fix, but there are a few simple solutions that can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The most common cause of drafty windows is loose weather stripping or gaps between window frames and sashes. You’ll need to replace these parts before you start feeling the full benefits of your new draft stoppers.

    Why Are My Windows Drafty?

    Drafty windows are caused by gaps between the frame and glass. These gaps allow for air to pass through the window, which can lead to energy loss and condensation on the inside of your windows. The amount of draftiness depends on where you live and how well-insulated your home is, but all homes can experience drafts because of poor design or installation.

    Reglaze Windowpanes

    If you’re dealing with drafty windows, the first step to solving your problem is to look at the panes themselves. Glazing putty—the material that seals window panes together and keeps out moisture—degrades over time. If you have a few hours to spare, tackling this project yourself can save you money on expensive renovations while also improving insulation. The best time to tackle this project is when temperatures aren’t dipping below freezing outside.

    Purchase a Window Draft Stopper

    To stop air from leaking through a window, you can install a draft stopper. Draft stoppers are devices that physically block drafts from entering your home through the cracks around your windows.

    The installation is simple: just place a draft stopper over each crack where air may leak out or get pushed inside by wind pressure. You don’t need tools or special knowledge; anyone can do it with ease! Once installed properly, these devices should last indefinitely—making them a great value add for their low cost and short installation time.

    Use Clear Plastic Film

    One of the easiest ways to improve insulation in your home is by applying plastic window film. Clear window film can be applied to windows and other glass surfaces in your home to reduce drafts, prevent glare and UV rays, and generally make it easier on the eyes.

    You can purchase a kit from any hardware store or online retailer that includes everything you need for installation. This is a temporary solution if you are working on more permanent repairs, but it’s also useful if you don’t have time or money on hand. The only real drawback is removing the film when spring rolls around. Because it’s so firmly attached to the glass surface, there may be some residue left behind that must be cleaned off before replacing with regular window treatments.

    Apply Caulk Over Gaps and Cracks

    The most effective way to seal drafts is by applying caulk over the gaps and cracks in your windows. Caulk comes in a tube that you can use like a painter’s brush, so it’s easy for anyone to apply. Once you’ve sealed the gaps, smooth over any unevenness with a damp sponge—this will help hide any imperfections and make sure no air gets through.

    Caulk isn’t permanent, so if you move or decide later on that you want to remove it from your window frame, there are ways for that, too!

    Add New Weatherstripping

    Weatherstripping is a flexible strip of material that fits around the sides of your windows to help block out drafts and keep out rain or snow. The idea is to replace or improve the old, worn-out weatherstripping with new pieces that will do a better job of keeping out drafts, rain, and snow.

    If you’re remodeling—and have decided to install new windows or doors—you might as well add new weatherstripping at the same time. This ensures that both projects get done without making extra trips back and forth between home improvement stores. It’s important to know how to fix drafty windows. Drafts can cause your home to lose up to 20% of its heat during the winter and make your utility bills run higher than necessary. If you have a problem with drafty windows, try one of the above DIY solutions or contact our team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan for expert help.