• Feeling Crafty? 6 Sunroom Design Tips for an Artist

    May 30, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Working with a sunroom contractor is a fantastic option to improve your home, especially if you’re artistic! Take this renovation opportunity as a chance to show off your skills. Here are six ways to bring a little joy to your sunroom with artistic upgrades.

    Choose Great Color Schemes

    According to Home Stratosphere, sunroom colors that are popular include brown (29%), green (17%), and gray (14%). These might seem boring to your artistic eye, so go wild! Try to balance your wildest ideas with some lower-key options to keep your room more attractive.

    Patterns and Textures Are Perfect

    Here’s the fun part: choosing textures and patterns that look beautiful and awe-inspiring in your sunroom! Pair patterns with lovely accents, floral looks, and much more. Change them up however you want by adding new colors and integrating cool styles and fashions.

    Integrate Heritage and Modern Styles

    Your sunroom contractor can help you find beautiful heritage and modern styles that can make your renovation gorgeous! Hit up some pawn shops or thrift stores to find great furniture that fascinates you. Just as importantly, they can integrate modern looks as well.

    Don’t Ignore Your Windows

    What decorations are more important than your sunroom’s windows? That’s a trick question; nothing is more important! Use them as a prime ground for your artistic talents, such as touching up the frames. Add cute little touches, such as reflecting items, to make it gorgeous.

    Keep It Airy and Bright

    The freshness of a sunroom is something you can’t get in any other area of your house. Use lighter colors and mirrors to bring glorious sunlight to the room and keep it attractive. Don’t use dark colors — neutral tones are best — to transform your sunroom.

    Make It Lived In

    Your new sunroom shouldn’t feel like a formal office or dance hall. Make it comfortable and cozy. Give it a lived-in look by adding cool touches like mirrors, old-school designs, and fascinating styles. Use older furniture to give it that more relaxing feel.

    By working with a trusted sunroom contractor, you can get the high-quality experience you deserve at an affordable price. Call Vinyl Sash of Michigan today to learn more about what to expect. It’s our goal to make you happy with your new sunroom.