• Are Michigan Home and Garden Shows Worth Visiting

    February 19, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you’re looking for new ideas for your home and garden, Michigan’s home and garden shows are a great place to start. They offer products and services from the biggest names in the industry––and discounts on everything from landscaping products to indoor furnishings. Read on to see why we love visiting home and garden shows regularly:

    Variety of Products and Services

    Michigan home and garden shows are a great place to visit if you’re looking for a variety of products and services. You can always go out with your friends to enjoy weekend long events and get acquainted with the most popular home and design trends. Shows like these are also considered to be the homeowner’s happy place, where you can find new interior design designs, landscaping, and energy saving products. If you’re planning on doing a major home improvement project, home and garden shows are the perfect occasion to see prestigious home products available on the market.

    Homeowner’s Happy Place

    If you are a homeowner and planning a remodeling project, a garden and home show will give you plenty of ideas. You’ll also find options to optimize the project within budget. Home shows are famous for providing goods and services at significant discounts or cost-effective deals. Some of the benefits for the homeowners include:

    • Giving you a glimpse of the latest innovations and trends in the industry
    • Finding something that you were searching for a long time to add into your home as a decoration or useful accessory
    • Providing an opportunity to interact first-hand with sales staff and see display products not introduced to the market yet

    Central Meeting Place

    Home and garden shows are a great opportunity for contractors, vendors, and homeowners to meet in a professional environment. These events attract many people interested in purchasing or renovating their homes. Homeowners are also interested in learning more about new trends in the industry, while contractors want to find out what products they should use on upcoming projects. Plus, companies invest a significant portion of their marketing budget towards these types of events, so you can be rest assured that new home and garden displays will feed your inspiration and home décor needs.

    Upcoming Home and Garden Shows

    Up for attending a few shows in 2023? These are a few of favorite:

    • Saginaw Home & Garden – From expert home remodeler builders to sprawling gardens, this show has it all. Check out one of their five free seminar stages, filled with free expert information!
    • Novi Home & Garden – One of the most popular home shows in Michigan, Novi will provide exposure to types of home and garden items, from traditional to unconventional. Buy a ticket today to secure your March spot!

    Michigan home and garden shows are a great place to visit if you’re looking for new ideas for your home or garden. Hundreds of vendors are at your service, and you’ll be able to find the right item, at the right price.

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