• In 2018, many homeowners chose to improve their homes and spent anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 to do so. Home improvements, such as remodeling a bathroom into a luxury bathroom, are still going strong. This brings up the question, what are the best facets of a luxury bathroom?

    Many aspects come together to create a luxurious bathroom. Using expert remodeling services is at the top of the list. With their guidance, you can have a spacious, spa-like bathroom designed with stylish accents, exclusive materials, and light in mind. Your intuition is right if it’s telling you this will be the most sought-out space in your home.

    Space Is Inevitably Luxurious

    No matter the design, a luxury bathroom has plenty of space. Don’t worry if you don’t have the extra space. It’s about more than square footage. Bathroom remodeling contractors are capable of utilizing strategic features to express a believable illusion of space.

    Luxury Is in the Materials

    There are many high-end materials, such as marble and onyx, that can be used to create a gorgeous bathroom. Such materials lend a sophisticated look to the atmosphere. Work closely with remodeling contractors who have access to high-quality materials that will set your lavish bathroom apart from those in traditional homes.

    Add a Touch of Class with Skylights

    Skylights are a gorgeous feature that adds more natural light to any room. More light will make a renovated bathroom look sophisticated, interesting, and luxurious. Add a bright and airy aspect that will have you basking in the light with well-placed skylights.

    Lighting Plays a Distinctive Role

    Light affects the ambiance of a bathroom. While some may prefer a brightly lit bathroom, others believe soft and subtle accent lights have a better effect. Strategically placed high-end light fixtures are a stunning feature. They are as functional as they are decorative with various lighting controls.

    Stand Out With a Unique Tub and Shower

    Sophisticated luxury bathrooms do not chintz on the shower and tub. Whether you prefer a sunken tub or a free-standing tub, both tubs and showers are attractive focal points. Design experts will create an amazing bathroom incorporating your choice of tub and shower.

    Top remodelers offer the guidance and support needed to build the luxury bathroom of your dreams. Your ideas are integral to the entire design process. Rest assured, the experts will work closely with you from start to finish to achieve your renovation goals.