• You may have been putting off cleaning your vinyl window screens for the longest time.  However, there are easy ways to clean your window screens for effective results.  Instead of cleaning your window screens once a year, use these tips to clean your screens multiple times annually in less time:

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

    We love magic erasers because they tend to solve a lot of dirt and grime problems.  If your vinyl window screens haven’t picked up that much dirt since the last time you washed them, using a Mr. Clean Magic eraser will likely do the trick.  We recommend wetting the foam eraser and lightly scrubbing each screen.  What’s even better – you can even use this technique without taking the screen out of the frame for a quick clean.


    If you need a step up from the magic eraser trick, a vacuum is another easy way to shake dirt and grime out of your vinyl window screens.  It’s best to use a soft bristle attachment for this method, so you don’t damage the screen.  Again, this can be done without taking the screens out; but for a deeper clean, take your screens out once a month and vacuum them.

    Soapy Water & Vinegar

    Soapy water and vinegar baths should be saved for screens with caked on grime.  Chances are you may need this deep screen clean if you haven’t cleaned your screens in over a year.  Summer is the perfect time to clean take your screens out and give them a bath since they can lay flat to dry in your yard.  We recommend the following steps to get you started on your deep clean:

    • Take your vinyl screens out of the window frame and lay them on a flat surface – such as decking.  You can label your screens with masking tape and a marker for easy reinstallation.
    • To make your cleaning solution, mix ½ part all-purpose dish soap with 1 part gallon of water.  You can also replace the dish soap with vinegar, as it makes for a great cleaner and disinfectant.
    • Gently wash each of the screens with your homemade cleaning solution in an upright position.
    • Spray each of the screens with your hose on the lowest setting before setting them out to dry.
    • Let the screens lay out to dry in the sun for several hours prior to placing them back in the window frames.  You can use a vacuum with a soft bristle attachment to ensure all loose dirt is removed before reinstalling the screens.

    Pressure Washing 

    If the window screens you are looking to clean are not detachable, it’s best to use a pressure washer on the lowest intensity setting.  As an alternative, you can also spray down each of the screens with a hose If the pressure washer does not have adjustable settings.  Have more questions about how to wash your new vinyl window screens?  Give us a call at Vinyl Sash of Michigan.