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  • How are replacement windows installed in Michigan?

    You may be looking at your home’s windows and thinking: Replacing my windows would leave my home – and utility bill – looking better and I wonder if I could replace my windows by myself as a DIY project.  Before you decide to purchase the materials to replace your own windows or find a local company in Michigan to do it for you, it’s important to get smart on how to remove and [...]

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    What are the differences between 4 season and 3 season Sunrooms?

    Part 1: Outline the characteristics and benefits of a 4-season sunroom. At first glance, a three- season and four-season sunroom may look very similar.  However, there are a few key differentiators – namely the framing system and glass used – that make them different.  If you’re interested in learning more about sunrooms and which is best for you and your home, read on to [...]

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    Why You Should Consider Vinyl Window Installation

    In 2018, homeowners spent an average of $5,000 to $10,000 on home improvement projects, and these estimates climb higher every year. If you are thinking about making upgrades to your home, replacement windows are an excellent and cost-effective long-term investment in the performance of your home. Many window replacement companies in Michigan offer a wide range of replacement window options, [...]

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    Quality Window Installation Service In Michigan

    As a state that experiences all four seasons, a Michigan homeowner knows the importance of quality replacement windows. Whether it’s a winter day with sub-zero temperatures or a summer morning filled with heat and humidity, quality window replacements are important. Let’s examine some helpful tips when choosing the right replacement windows for your Michigan home. Replacement Windows Are [...]

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    5 Benefits of Installing Vinyl Windows in Your Home

    If you are looking for replacement windows, vinyl windows are a great choice. You may be conducting an extensive home renovation project, or perhaps you're just replacing damaged windows. Either way, you'll find vinyl windows for sale from window replacement companies in Michigan. Here are the benefits of installing vinyl windows in your home. 1. Vinyl Windows Are Energy Efficient Vinyl [...]

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