• Can New Windows Really Improve Your Home’s Value

    September 21, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • As far as home improvements are concerned, replacement windows are categorized with other improvements that add value to your home and offer a wide range of benefits. So, if you’re thinking, “Can new windows really improve my home’s value?” The answer is yes! Let’s look at why replacement windows are such a great investment.

    They Increase Your Energy Efficiency

    According to ENERGY STAR, windows with an Energy Star rating can result in savings of $465 per year for the typical homeowner who replaces single-pane windows. The average cost savings can be as much as $126-$465 per year. These types of windows have double or triple panes and can have argon to act as insulation in between the panes. Energy-efficient windows also have a low emissivity coating to reflect the sun’s rays. All of this reduces the burden on your HVAC, so it operates efficiently, consuming less energy in the long run.

    They Help Improve Your Home’s Value

    Window replacements can boost your home’s value for several reasons. By replacing your old, drafty windows with new ones, you increase the energy efficiency, as mentioned, as well as the overall functionality of your home. If you’re planning to sell your home, your home will have more value in the eyes of buyers if it’s in good condition. Part of that is investing in the best window technology that can improve your home’s comfort level. Home buyers are likely to appreciate moving into an up-to-date home with new windows, so they don’t have to replace them anytime soon.

    They Provide Better Protection For Your Home

    Replacement windows enhance your home’s security and safety. You need your windows to be able to function smoothly when opening and closing for ventilation purposes. It’s also important to have windows that close properly to give you additional peace of mind when you leave your home or go to sleep. New modern windows are also beneficial because they help reduce the presence of dust and allergens in your home. They reduce the amount of noise filtering through and provide even more benefits like enhanced curb appeal, minimal maintenance, and a more comfortable interior. If you’re focused on implementing the most valuable home improvements, you’ll do well by replacing your windows with high-quality ones. Don’t wait to replace your windows until you really have to. Get in touch with us today.