• Celebrate the Holidays in a Beautiful New Sunroom

    December 11, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Michigan winters are often very long and cold, making you stir-crazy from cabin fever. Long nights and short days during the winter make the cold season even harder to get through, but a sunroom can make it easier by giving you a bright and sunny space to spend time and entertain others. According to Home Stratosphere, medium-sized sunrooms account for 55% of all sunrooms. No matter what size sunroom you might have in mind, here are some of the advantages of adding one to your Michigan home.

    Enjoy Bright Daylight on Cold Winter Days

    Sunrooms are considered three-season rooms, but modern glass and construction techniques have changed. Double and triple-pane glass creates an effective barrier against the cold outdoor weather while keeping the heated air inside your sunroom. When properly installed, the window glass is sealed and won’t leak air or water. You can heat the sunroom like any other room and enjoy the comfort and bright sunshine on clear but cold winter days.

    Tempered Glass Withstands Heavy Snowfall

    Sunrooms in Michigan should be made from tempered glass that can withstand the weight of potentially heavy snowfall. Tempered glass is remarkably sturdy and won’t break or shatter like traditional glass. The ability to withstand the weight of snow and ice is essential to maintain the sunroom’s structural integrity. It can also create a grand Christmas tree setting and holiday lighting.

    Sunrooms Can Host Holiday Meals

    You might have a perfectly fine dining room, but setting up a long table inside a sunroom can make your holiday meals even more memorable. The setting is more unique than inside a traditional dining room and can be especially impressive if you serve your holiday meals during daylight hours. The daylight will help add to the festive atmosphere, while nighttime can make holiday lighting even more pleasing.

    Sunrooms Are Great for Entertaining

    You can exchange gifts, watch holiday movies, or enjoy watching football while in your sunroom during the holidays. Sunrooms give you additional space to entertain guests and provide them with varying types of entertainment while celebrating the holidays. You might place conventional furniture and furnishings in the room or use deck or patio furniture you brought inside before the winter snow started falling.

    You can call or visit us at Vinyl Sash of Michigan to learn more about the many benefits of sunrooms and how they can enhance your holiday celebrations. We can’t wait to work with you!