• Color and Texture Combos That Are Ideal in Sunrooms

    January 23, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Adding a sunroom to your home brings in more natural light and creates a nice transitional space between the indoors and outdoors. When designing your sunroom, carefully considering the color schemes and textures you use can significantly impact the overall feel and functionality of the space. Here are some ideas for color and texture combos that work particularly well in sunrooms.

    Brighten It Up With Airy Neutrals

    Crisp, airy neutrals like soft whites and pale grays are an excellent sunroom backdrop. They keep the space open, reflect light beautifully, and serve as a blank canvas on which you can layer other accent colors and textures. Consider a light neutral wall color paired with soft linen upholstery and sheer white window treatments. The neutral base allows you to switch out accent pillows and throws to change the look over time.

    Incorporate Natural Elements

    In a sunroom, natural textures and colors connect the interior with the outdoors. Incorporate plants of varying heights and greenery for organic texture. If you have the budget, add a small water feature for tranquil sounds. Use natural rattan, seagrass, jute, or wood for furniture, rugs, and accessories to complement the lush surroundings visible through your sunroom windows. Earthy tan, light sage green, or sky blue on the walls, and a few key furniture pieces also bring nature’s palette inside.

    Make It Cozy With Layered Textures

    While you want lots of natural light in your sunroom, it can also get chilly during colder weather. Fight the chill by layering in cozy textures that warm up the look and feel of the space. Think a plush area rug, cushy pillows, a textured throw blanket, and a basket weave or ceramic garden stool. Keep the heavier textures low to the floor and on seating and accessories so they don’t overwhelm the light, airy quality of the room. Pair them with smooth walls/floors in creamy neutrals to offset and let the textures pop A sunroom offers a comfy spot to relax while soaking up natural light and enjoying views of the outdoors. Carefully choosing colors and textures that are light, natural, cozy – or a combination – will maximize your sunroom’s laidback yet stylish potential. According to Home Stratosphere, approximately 29% of sunrooms are brown, 17% are green, and 14% are grey. Be bold and play around with different combos until you find the one that brings you joy each time you step into this unique space. If you’re looking to have sunrooms constructed, turn to Vinyl Sash. Call now to learn more.