• If you’ve been perusing sunrooms for sale and found the right sunroom contractors for the job, it’s time to get some ideas for decorating your new space. No matter what your style is, there is definitely sunroom decor out there that can help you make your new addition feel like a part of your home. Let’s examine the design elements of a sunroom after you found fantastic sunrooms for sale with your local sunroom contractor.

    Window Ideas

    When it comes to wonderful sunrooms for sale, you want quality, energy-efficient, and sustainable windows to complement. Did you know that replacement windows can include up to $200 in tax credits? Not only will you have fantastic windows to look out of in your sunroom, but you can gain financial benefits as well. As your Michigan sunroom contractor, we can supply you with endless possibilities for windows that are weather resistant and help you to save money on your utility bills.

    Window Treatments

    Now that you have wonderful windows, it’s time to add fantastic window coverings. You can choose from blinds, curtains, roller shades, and more. Whether you need privacy or want coverings that are easy to open to allow sunshine through, you want window treatments that are long-lasting and durable. Window coverings for a great price will only add to the charm, beauty, and savings for you and your family.

    Flooring Options

    Now that you have found sunrooms for sale and the construction has begun, you want to discuss flooring options with your sunroom contractor. As your dedicated sunroom contractor in Michigan, we can provide you with extensive flooring options that add to the charm and functionality of your sunroom.

    Concrete, ceramic tile, and stone are all great flooring options for your sunroom as well. For ideas and information, you can consult with us. We provide flooring choices that are moisture-resistant, fade-resistant, and easy to clean.

    One of the most popular sunroom additions is radiant heating. As a luxurious amenity for a sunroom, radiant heating is perfect for those Michigan winters. Be sure to inquire about the flooring options that we can supply for your sunroom.

    Furniture for Your Sunroom

    When it comes to your sunroom, you want to opt for furniture that’s durable and weather-resistant. Iron-based furniture and wicker are great choices. Of course, you will need to add pillows and coverings that are comfortable and complement the décor of your sunroom. Keep in mind that you’re upholstery should be fade-resistant—since your furniture will be sitting in sunlight for hours at a time.

    Heating and Cooling

    For those Michigan winters, you need a sunroom that has warmth. For those sensational Michigan summers, you’ll need a sunroom that can keep you, family members, and guests cool. Feel free to discuss replacement window options with us as your experienced Michigan sunroom contractor. We can provide you with windows that keep the cold out during those harsh Michigan winters. We also supply window options that are great for summer. A fireplace may be a great addition to your sunroom for added warmth and charm. For those summer days, you may opt to put a ceiling fan in your sunroom for extra circulation and comfort.

    As your accomplished Michigan sunroom contractor, we provide quality construction on sunrooms for sale. We can also offer great amenities and upgrades that ensure your sunroom brings years of enjoyment and appeal to your home. Connect with us today to find sunrooms for sale that meet your needs, as well as a sunroom addition for our home, that we know you’ll love!