• Design Tips a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor May Share

    July 8, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • A bathroom remodeling contractor can help you design your bathroom, and many homeowners have a vision of what they want their bathroom to look like. If you choose the right bathroom remodeling contractor, they will have the experience to provide you with great input about your design. Here are some of the things they may recommend.

    Brand New Shower to Meet Your Needs

    Your bathroom remodeling contractor may recommend that you consider a shower seat or a walk-in shower without a threshold. Making these changes now will ensure that you can comfortably age in your home over the years. These features also offer a modern touch to any bathroom and deliver the convenience you want.

    Remodeling your bathroom to ensure it will still be functional for you as you grow old is important. A bathroom remodeling contractor can help you decide what touches to add to your bathroom to keep it aesthetically pleasing and beautiful while also ensuring you will be comfortable using it for years to come.

    Don’t Forget About Storage

    Many homeowners love the look of a sleek uncluttered bathroom, but you need to have places to store your towels and toiletry items. That’s why it’s important to find ways to keep maximum storage while also keeping your bathroom clutter free. Your contractor will likely make recommendations for built-in shelving in the shower, and cabinetry that can hide all the toiletries you use. According to Houzz, about 32.64% of owners prefer white cabinets in their bathrooms. When choosing the storage you want, don’t forget about your aesthetic goals.

    New Flexible Lighting

    Lighting is also an overlooked area when it comes to remodeling projects. Flexible lighting solutions for the bathroom can help to divide the room into different areas. For example, soft lighting over the tub or shower can set the mood for relaxation, sconces by the mirror can brighten things up, and lighting overhead can ensure the room is lit when you need it to be.

    The right bathroom remodeling contractor has the expertise to help you make design choices that will create a bathroom space that feels like your own personal spa. Learn more about the design features that bathroom contractors recommend by connecting with a contractor at Vinyl Sash. We can help you with your bathroom remodeling project today.