• Do Michigan Vinyl Windows Have Interior and Exterior Color Options?

    December 31, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Vinyl windows are a great option for homeowners who want a durable and low-maintenance replacement for their existing windows. Like traditional wood frames, vinyl frames are available in a wide range of colors and styles to match the look and feel of your home. These options make it easy to choose the right color for your vinyl windows and enhance the overall look of your home. Read on to see what interior and exterior color options are available to you:

    Why Choose Vinyl Windows Colors?

    Color is a powerful tool. It can be used to complement or contrast with your home’s interior and exterior, bringing out the beauty of both. Vinyl window colors are an essential part of creating a beautiful home that feels personal to you. The right color can blend into the surrounding wall color––creating a sleek, contemporary look or a bold, pop of color. Want to make sure you get exactly what you want? Try one of these simple tips:

    • Think about your style and how it relates to how you want people to feel when they step into your home (e.g., modern vs. traditional). Then ask yourself what colors would best express those feelings?
    • If you’re unsure about whether a shade will work well with your existing decor, try painting small swatches on scrap pieces of cardboard and assessing them in different settings around your home.

    What Color Choices Are Available?

    Vinyl Sash of Michigan windows can be found in standard white and beige colors, as well as 6 different wood grain textures and finishes to give your home the perfect look.

    Exterior options range from standard shades like white, gray, and black to more vibrant ones like teal or even orange–for a total of 30 unique color options. The experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan can help you choose the right exterior color for your home, so it matches exactly how you want it to look.

    Do Colored Windows Provide Long Lasting Durability?

    Vinyl windows are known for their durability and longevity. New advancements in technology have made vinyl even more resistant to heat and sunlight. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about your window warping due to the color; standard colored vinyl windows can last over 20 years with little or no maintenance.

    Vinyl windows are also known for their affordability, costing a fraction of the price of other options. They are significantly less expensive than wood or composite and can be installed faster than traditional windows, which reduces installation costs.

    As a homeowner, you have the right to choose the perfect window for your home. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional style or something unique, there’s no limit to vinyl windows. We offer an array of interior and exterior color options so that you can choose the design that best fits your needs and preferences.

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