• It pays to choose a Fiberon Composite Deck provider with experience.  With many providers on the market, make the choice easy on yourself by partnering with Vinyl Sash of Michigan for your next decking project.  We offer Fiberon services for all your decking needs; and we promise you won’t regret choosing composite.

    Trusted by Homeowners Since 1997

    There’s a reason why homeowners keep coming back to the Fiberon brand.  From its durability to the premium, lifelong warranties, there are not many factors that go against Fiberon decking.  Our composite decking is born and built in the USA since 1997, made from eco-friendly materials, and requires minimal maintenance.  Now, that’s a product everyone can get behind.

    Boards that Last – Year After Year

    We all know the feeling.  The traditional wood deck is good in theory but doesn’t live up the durability of other decking materials.  Fortunately, Fiberon boards have the same warm tones and grain patterns as traditional wood – and lasts a lot longer, too.  Forget the annual maintenance and replacement and say hello to beautiful Fiberon decking that lasts a lifetime.

    Premium Fiberon Warranties

    Even if something does happen to your new Fiberon deck – it’s all covered under warranty.  Fiberon offers industry-leading warranties for stain & fade and performance for both residential and commercial properties.  Sit back and relax: your investment is safe and sound with Fiberon decking.

    Minimal Maintenance During Busy Seasons

    When life gets busy, maintenance often gets dropped.  However, Fiberon composite decking requires minimal maintenance.  With the occasional soap and water cleaning, you can say goodbye to sanding, staining, and painting.  That leaves you more time to gather with family and friends and less time tending to your deck.

    Low Deck Lifetime Cost

    At the end of the day, your Fiberon investment is worth it – and then some.  Simply compare the total annual costs of a natural wood deck and Fiberon composite deck.  On average, wood deck maintenance costs between $450-$850 per year, whereas composite decking costs $5-$15 annually.  You do the math and tell us which is a better deal.

    An End-to-End Decking Solution

    Building or replacing a deck can be exciting – and at the same time, overwhelming and time-consuming.  That’s why it’s important to have a good partner when it comes to deck design and installation.  Fiberon offers a wealth of information related to design, step-by-step guides, and retail partners for customers.  Plus, you’ll have the expert team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan to help you along every step of the way. Interested in getting started on a Fiberon decking project before fall ends?  Contact us at Vinyl Sash of Michigan to get a free estimate.