• Flint Michigan Window Replacement Companies

  • Flint Michigan Window Replacement Companies

    Investing in New Windows for Your Home

    If you’re looking to do a little home improvement, it’s always a good idea to consider window replacement. On top of increasing your home’s resale value, new vinyl frames and double-pane windows will increase your energy efficiency and improve your comfort. No matter if you’re looking to sell or stay in your Flint home for many years to come, new vinyl windows have a high return on investment.

    When to Replace Your Windows with Vinyl

    As your home ages, so do the windows. Typically, windows have a lifespan of a few decades, but there are a few tell-tale signs that you may need to replace your windows. Here are just a few signs our experts use to help determine if a replacement is needed:

    • Increased Energy Bills – Older, single-pane windows have lower insulation than newer models and can easily result in skyrocketing utility bills. To fix the problem, consider investing in energy-efficient windows that prevent air transfer.
    • Visible Damage & Moisture – Cracked or decaying window frames are easy to spot, and are especially common in wood frames. Damaged windows leave room for outside elements – like rain and snow – to creep in. If you see consistent condensation near or around your windows, it’s time to replace them.
    • Trouble with Opening & Closing – Your windows are designed to open easily. If this is not the case, we recommend cleaning your windows and frames well; if the problem persists, call your local window replacement company for a window inspection.

    How to Choose Your New Windows

    With many window options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose one type of window frame and glass. The experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan recommend considering vinyl frames and double-pane windows when shopping for your next set of windows:

    • Consider Vinyl Frames – If you’re looking for the best quality at an affordable price, ask your local experts about vinyl window frames. Well-constructed, properly installed vinyl can save you money and have the same effect as other expensive materials.
    • Check for Double-Pane Windows – Double-pane windows may be slightly more expensive, but will dramatically reduce the transfer of energy, keeping your home cooler in summer months and warmer in the winter.
    • U-Factor/U-Value – Some windows are more energy efficient than others, and this is calculated through the U-Factor or U-Value. A higher U-Factor means quicker flow of heat, while a lower U-Factor means slower transfer of heat. You can also check the ENERGY STAR requirements for insight into the window’s energy efficiency.

    Choose Vinyl Sash of Michigan as Your Flint Michigan Window Replacement Company

    Vinyl Sash – the original replacement window – has been serving the Greater Detroit area since 1934. Our products are designed to withstand the toughest summers and winters, so you can feel confident in your window investment. We offer a wide variety of window options to suit your needs, and our experts are well-versed in window design and installation. Trust in our family-owned business and contact our Flint Replacement Window location today.

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