• How Do I Choose the Best Cabinet Color for My Luxury Bath

    June 25, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • A luxury bath has more than the latest features and high-end water fixtures. The color scheme of the luxury bathroom in question must also be on point. So, how should you identify the right colors for your high-end bathroom cabinets? The tips detailed below should help you land on the appropriate color scheme.

    Decide on the Theme

    Your new cabinets must fit into your bathroom’s revamped design scheme rather than vice versa. With that in mind, you should choose colors based on the overall design theme you want to feature inside this room. Be more specific with your theme to establish a clear direction.

    If you want a more classic design, you’ll want to stick with something simple yet elegant, like black and white. According to Home Stratosphere, an estimated 32.64% of homeowners prefer white finishes for bathroom cabinets. Although, luxury bathrooms can also be quite colorful. If you’re leaning into more colors, then remember to create contrast. Choose varied colors for the cabinet doors or even different shades to add more complexity to your design scheme.

    Choose Neutral Colors to Let Other Bathroom Elements Pop

    The new cabinets you’re adding to your space don’t have to be the focal points of your revamped d├ęcor. Instead, they can be complementary elements that tie your design scheme together. Approaching their design that way makes things easier for you.

    Instead of agonizing over several color choices, you can go neutral for your bathroom cabinets. Then, let those neutral colors complement your tiles and fixtures. These colors will also enhance your luxury bath’s more colorful design pieces.

    Highlight the Beauty of Your Wooden Cabinets with Your Color Choice

    After spending plenty of money on your handcrafted wooden cabinets, you can showcase them inside your luxury bath. Unfortunately, most types of paint may not do justice to the quality of the wood used. In that case, you want to treat the wood to highlight its natural beauty. Tinting or glazing the wood will achieve that desired effect.

    Identifying the best colors for your cabinets is difficult due to the many available options. Hopefully, the tips here have shown you how to choose the best colors for your cabinets. Contact us today if you’re looking for contractors to help transform your space into an oasis.