• How to Choose The Best Michigan Vinyl Windows For Your Home

    May 31, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Many homeowners love Michigan vinyl windows frames because they don’t break the bank and require minimal maintenance.  Vinyl windows don’t have to be painted or stained like wood window frames and are typically white to match most home styles.  However, there are still a few factors you want to consider when choosing the best Michigan vinyl windows for your home.  Read on to discover more about the three types of vinyl window frames and why they are not always created equal.

    The Basics

    If you are in the market for the best Michigan vinyl windows, you should be aware of the three different types of frames on the market: virgin vinyl, recycled vinyl, and combination of virgin and recycled vinyl.  The main difference between the three types of vinyl windows is its durability and longevity – or the “grade” of vinyl.

    Virgin Vinyl

    Virgin vinyl – as you may have already guessed – is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with no recycled material.  These are the strongest and most durable types of vinyl window frames, as they are more resistant to cracking and warping in changing Michigan seasons.  Virgin vinyl will cost more than both recycled and virgin/recycled vinyl, but your window frames will last longer and look less worn than other materials over time.

    Recycled Vinyl

    Recycled vinyl, also known as reground vinyl, is made of a variety of recycled vinyl products and typically includes other plastics in the product.  Because of this, the vinyl product is not as durable as virgin or a combination of virgin and recycled vinyl and is susceptible to warping, cracking, and fading year over year.  Recycled vinyl may be the cheapest vinyl option on the market, but make sure to check your window frame warranty package and the fine print.

    Combined Virgin and Recycled Vinyl

    The best budget option incudes vinyl with a combination of virgin and recycled materials.  You’ll want to check the ratio of virgin to recycled vinyl, as this determines the material’s quality.  If looking at this type of vinyl, check for a Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) stamp, which usually signifies a higher quality material than others.

    Choosing the Material That’s Right for You

    Before signing on the dotted line, think through the factors that are most important to you: price, durability, and warranty.  The more you budget for your vinyl window frames, the higher quality material you’ll purchase.  If you have a lower budget, recycled or combined virgin and recycled vinyl will be the best fit, but expect to replace them more frequently than virgin vinyl windows.  Also consider reading the fine print on the warranty, as this can vary across vinyl companies and contractors.

    If you’re Looking to get your questions answered and get the best Michigan vinyl windows, we can help.  Contact the experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan.  We’ve been in the vinyl window business for over 75 years and can help you choose a material that’s right for you and your home.