• How to Create the Perfect Reading Space in Your Sunroom

    August 17, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you’re planning a new sunroom addition to your home, you might wonder how to design the space for practical use. According to Home Stratosphere, more than half of all sunrooms, 55%, are considered to be medium-sized. The size of most sunrooms makes them perfect for additional seating areas and reading nooks. Here are a few ideas to help you and your sunroom contractor create the perfect addition.

    Comfy Seating

    One of the most essential elements of a reading nook is comfy seating. When working with your sunroom contractor, they can help you determine the right spot for your reading space. Consider adding seating that allows you to put up your feet, whether on a sofa, ottoman, or pouf. Curling up with a great book on a summer evening is even better when you’re relaxed and able to maintain a comfortable position as you read.

    Good Lighting

    Good lighting is still essential even if you plan to do a lot of your reading during daylight hours. Whether you want to talk to your contractor about high hats or other recessed lighting options, are interested in pendants, or are leaning toward floor lamps, it’s important to have soft, ambient lighting to facilitate hours of reading. Proper lighting will make your reading space as helpful and comfortable as possible. It’s always a good idea to explore a few options before making your decision. The type of bulbs you choose will also impact the results of your overall lighting plan.

    Functional Shelves

    Bookshelves are necessary in any room where you plan to do a lot of reading. If your sunroom is primarily windows, you can opt for built-in shelves that line the walls under your windows. Freestanding shelves are another great option. Whichever you decide to store your books, consider using your shelving as a decorative element to give your sunroom a unique feeling. The more individualized the space to reflect your taste, the more visual appeal it will hold. And for avid readers, the more functional the room will be!

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