• Living a sustainable lifestyle that is easy on the environment can be incorporated into your home remodeling project! If you are concerned with creating more eco-friendly spaces in your home, professional and experienced bathroom remodeling contractors can help. Let’s look at ways you can create a more eco-friendly bathroom.

    Think Small

    Our American culture constantly encourages people to think bigger and bigger, but this mentality is one of the reasons why our environment is in crisis today. We don’t need as much as we think we do. When you are preparing for a bathroom remodel or installation, think small. Don’t think, “How big can I make this without going over budget?” Instead, think, “How small can I do this and it still be functional?”

    The smaller you go with construction projects, the fewer materials you use, and the less energy the space will need to operate. All of these support sustainability. Over 31% of bathrooms are estimated to be large in size, but bigger is not always better.

    Green Materials

    If creating an eco-friendly bathroom is one of your priorities, you will need to talk with bathroom remodeling contractors about green materials that can be used. Many building materials are much easier on the environment than traditional ones. This can include the paint you use, insulation, tubs, finishes, and more.

    Water Efficiency

    Since you use a lot of water in the bathroom, talking with bathroom remodeling contractors about ways you can use water more efficiently is essential. This can include having toilets, and faucets installed that control and reduce the amount of water used. Again, less is more. Instead of buying products advertised to give you more and more, look for products that use less and less.

    Think About Construction Waste

    When your eco-friendly bathroom remodel is completed, you need to think of environmentally friendly ways to take care of the waste your construction project created. It would help if you talked with your contractors to see how much of the removed materials can be recycled or given to organizations that will use the materials to help others build the needed structures.

    If you are looking for bathroom remodeling contractors, please get in touch with us today. Our team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan is ready to help you build an eco-friendly bathroom in your home!