• How to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger With These Renovation Ideas

    March 22, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • According to bathroom remodeling contractors, the percentage of bathrooms that are considered compact is roughly 14.81%. If you have a small bathroom or powder room in your house, you may be wondering how to make it feel bigger. Keep reading to learn about some bathroom remodeling processes that can bring you closer to fulfilling your dream home.

    Paint the Walls in a Neutral Color

    Bright and bold colors can make a room feel closed in. If you have a small bathroom, painting the walls in a light, neutral color can provide the illusion of space. Light yellows and blues are popular choices because they can help the room feel cheerful, thus giving it a more open and airy feeling. Color choices for accessories can veer to the bolder side of things but try to keep everything as neutral as possible except for a few accent pieces.

    Upgrade Storage Solutions

    A cluttered bathroom can make a room that’s already small feel even more so. When you’re remodeling, be sure to upgrade your storage solutions. When a small room is tidy and organized, it’ll feel bigger. If there’s a lot of clutter, even the largest room won’t feel comfortable. Towel and linen closets are a good solution, as are under-sink drawers and storage cupboards. Your contractor can help you design a custom storage solution that’s perfect for your needs. With everything in its proper place, your bathroom will feel a lot bigger and more comfortable.

    Bring in Lots of Light

    A bright and light-filled room always feels bigger. If at all possible, consider expanding the size of your windows to let in more light. If this isn’t possible, think about upgrading your current windows. New windows can be transformative for small spaces. Non-fluorescent lighting is another way to make a room feel brighter. It’s important to discuss lighting options with your contractor to find the type, style, and size that can be the most beneficial to improving the look and feel of a small bathroom. A new, spacious-feeling bathroom is possible!

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