• How a Bathroom Remodel With a Modern Aesthetic Can Improve Your Home’s Value

    October 14, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Your bathroom condition can make or break your home’s value. For instance, bathrooms with modern aesthetics are more likely to increase your home’s resale value than those with a conventional appearance. Unfortunately, according to Home Stratosphere, only 12.43% of bathrooms have a modern aesthetic while traditional bathroom styles make up twice as much.

    Many homeowners are stuck with traditional styles and missing the numerous benefits of modernizing their space. For this reason, you need to bring in professionals that Flint homeowners can rely on. Let’s explore how modern aesthetics will enhance your home’s value – especially if you’re planning to sell down the line.

    1. Add Energy-Saving Features

    Bathroom remodeling in Flint enhances energy efficiency by installing new fixtures and appliances that will save on electricity bills. For example, you can install a water-efficient showerhead that minimizes water usage. Similarly, you can also replace old light bulbs with LED bulbs with less power consumption. Moreover, you could install energy-efficient bathing tubes and some insulation on the walls during the remodeling process.

    2. Improve the Bathroom’s Appearance

    First impressions are vital, especially for homebuyers. When renovating your bathroom, below are areas you can tweak to enhance its appearance.

    Adding tiles – Tiles add texture and color to any bathroom. They are also easy to clean and maintain.

    Painting – Painting your bathroom walls adds depth and dimension to the space. It provides a fresh feel.

    Mirrors – Adding mirrors to your bathroom creates the illusion of a bigger space. It’s also an excellent way to reflect natural light into the bathroom.

    3. Boost the Room’s Functionality

    A functional bathroom isn’t only about its looks but also how well it serves its purpose. During the process for bathroom remodeling, Flint homeowners can count on the experts to suggest functional features, such as:

    Storage space – Storage space makes organizing items such as towels and toiletries easier.

    Shower door– Prevent moisture and water from leaving the shower or bath area. Additionally, they enhance privacy.

    Heated towel rack – These racks help keep towels dry, thus discouraging mold and bacteria growth. To improve your home’s overall value, you should consider remodeling your bathroom with a modern aesthetic. This will not only make them attractive but also more functional! Contact us today to get an estimate for professional bathroom remodeling in Flint.