• How to Update and Refresh Your Master Bathroom in Time For Summer

    February 6, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • You want to update and refresh your master bathroom to have it ready by summer. But how can you accomplish this big task? Here are five steps to take.

    Declutter the Bathroom

    While your luxury bathroom may never get as cluttered as a teenager’s, there are still some things that can get cleaned up. Look through your medicine cabinet, drawers, and the cabinet under the sink. Toss any expired items. After deep-cleaning the space, add new bathroom products like hand soap and toothbrush holders.

    Replace the Windows and Hang White Curtains

    As the summer approaches, now may be the ideal time to replace the windows in your bathroom. When it comes to window replacements, hire a trusted company for the job; we’ll get it done efficiently!

    Summer is also the time of year to add white features to your bathroom. Having white curtains will give your luxury bathroom a real summer feel. You can even include white towels. The sun will shine through the white curtains, and since the days will be much longer, they’ll be brighter for a much longer period of time.

    Get a Summer-Themed Shower Curtain

    Even if you’re not near the beach, you can make it seem like you’re mere feet away from the ocean waves if you get a summer-themed shower curtain. Consider adding a sand-colored bath rug to add to the theme, too!

    Add Bright-Colored Paint or Wallpaper

    This can create a summery feeling with its bold colors. If you want to change the look of your bathroom walls by the season, you can even get peel-and-stick wallpaper that you can then take off at the end of the season and put up something else that is more fitting.

    Add Flowers or Plants

    You want master bath decorations that create a light feeling like a summer breeze. Flowers are a great way to do that. When people think of summer, they tend to think of flowers. They’ll make your luxury bathroom smell great, too. You can get flowers or plants that have just bloomed. It’s a small addition, but it can create a wonderful atmosphere.

    When it comes to the aesthetic you want for your bathroom, nearly 30% of homeowners choose a contemporary one. So why not refresh your bathroom with a new look and feel for the summer? When you’re ready to update your bathroom, we can help! Contact Vinyl Sash of Michigan today.