• You may have investigated the possibility of replacing your windows this year and felt concerned about the prices. They have a wide range of prices, specifically from $200 to $1,800. It is also helpful to know that there is as much as a $200 tax credit with replacement windows. Several factors determine this price, and to be able to say yes to replacement windows this year, it helps to understand what impacts the cost of them.


    The placement and location of the windows make a difference in the cost. A window on the ground floor is more manageable, and therefore window replacement companies provide an affordable price to replace. Windows in a basement or on upper levels are more complex and cost more money to replace.


    When you have an older house, it increases the cost of replacing windows. They may have non-standard window sizes or some other types of structural issues that require the most experienced installation. Some window frames may require waterproofing or extra insulation.

    Glass Type

    The type of glass that you select makes an impact on the cost window replacement companies may charge. A double-pane window has two layers of glass and is more expensive than a single pane window. A double-pane window is more effective for blocking heat, cold, and sound. Some additional options to add to windows that can increase the price are tempered glass, safety glass, and tinted glass.

    Window Frame Material

    The material that is used for the window frame is the material between the glass and the walls around it. This gives the window its look and energy efficiency. The material for the frame also indicates how easy the window is to clean. Vinyl is the most common material for window frames and is what window replacement companies offer you first. Vinyl is not the most robust material, but it is the most affordable.

    The short answer is yes; now is the time to replace those old and ineffective windows. Consider all the reasons outlined here to determine if this year is the best time for you to contact one of the top window replacement companies for new windows in your Michigan home.