• Is It Worth Remodeling a Bathroom Before Selling my Home?

    February 3, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, you may be asking yourself:do I really have to remodel that outdated bathroom?  If you’re in this predicament, read on to learn the tips and tricks about bathroom remodels and how to recoup the most money from your initial investment.

    Bathrooms as Deal Breakers (or Makers)

    We’ve all been there – the bathroom.  It’s amazing how much a bathroom – or multiple bathrooms – can sway a homebuyer one way or another.  Bathrooms are deal breakers (or makers) in a home sale, and many homebuyers will negotiate if this space doesn’t meet their expectations.  You don’t want to be the homeowner that can’t sell due to an outdated bathroom.

    Average Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom

    Bathroom remodels can vastly range in price – depending on the contractor, materials, and timeframe.  The average cost of a bathroom remodel is roughly $24,000 but can cost upwards of $70,000 for an upscale project.  Although a bathroom remodel can be expensive, you don’t have to spend on the upper end to get a strong return on your investment.  We always recommend simple improvements – like installing new fixtures – and then evaluating what kind of major remodel your bathroom needs.

    Recouping Your Remodel Investment

    It’s important to know the most lavish bathroom remodel may bring lower returns than a midrange remodel.  By consulting with a quality bathroom remodeler, you can understand how to get the most bang for your buck – especially if you are looking to sell your Michigan home in the near future.  Homeowners can recoup 50% or more of the cost put into a bathroom model – and that doesn’t include your improved happiness and functionality prior to selling your home.

    What Bathroom Projects Have the Best ROI?

    You can be smart on what you invest in for a bathroom makeover.  If you have a smaller budget that won’t cover a complete remodel, consider replacing the following in your bathroom for a refreshed look prior to selling:

    • Flooring – Bathroom flooring or tile is one of the first things you see when you walk into a bathroom.  By replacing the floor, you can positively change the overall look and appearance of your bathroom with a small price tag.
    • Tub/Shower – For just a few thousand dollars, you can install a modern walk-in shower or larger tub for your master bathroom.  
    • Vanity – If you’re vanity set up hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s a good investment for the average homeowner.  Be aware this could be a slightly more expensive project, as this typically includes replacing the fixtures, vanity top, and sink.

    Interested in learning more about how you can affordably transform your bathroom?  Reach out to our experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan.  We partner with Luxury Bath to meet your bathroom remodel expectations to beautify your home.