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    Bathroom remodeling is a constantly changing industry with the core focus on you, our valuable customers. At Vinyl Sash, we continually strive to meet your needs by delivering the best products in bathroom remodeling at remarkably affordable prices.

    Our message is simple. We beautify bathrooms across Michigan by installing attractive, durable and maintenance-free bath remodeling fixtures. Thereby, we enrich the lives of those we touch.

    We are the best company for the custom and affordable bathroom remodeling Flint needs.

    We run our business with honor, integrity, and dignity. At Vinyl Sash, we are in business to change business and become the bathroom remodeling Michifgan trusts. We see our work as an amazing opportunity to transform the bathroom remodeling industry with our eco-friendly products and corporate sustainability. We put our customers first and always stand behind our work and products.

    At Vinyl Sash we believe in innovation, and providing the highest quality bathroom remodeling products, to you, our customers. By continually staying on top of bath remodeling trends and contemporary designs, we provide you with the products and experience you expect from a professional bathroom remodeling company!

    Don't wait any longer—get started on your own Vinyl Sash Bath remodel today! You can speak to one of our friendly representatives for more information and to schedule your FREE, in-home design consultation. You can also fill out our quick and easy online form to get in touch. We can't wait to help you get the beautiful new bathroom you've always wanted.