• Questions to Ask Your Next Michigan Bathroom Remodeling Company

    April 20, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • There are plenty of reasons to remodel your bathroom – and a few questions you should keep top of mind when talking with your next Michigan bathroom remodeling company.  If you are looking to spruce up your master bath this summer, make sure to ask the remodeling experts these five questions:

    How do you plan on creating enough bathroom storage?

    Out of any room in the home, the bathroom has the least square footage but needs the most storage for the essentials.  From shampoo and conditioner to mouthwash and guest towels, make sure to take note of your ideal storage space and communicate it to your Michigan bathroom remodeling company.  You can also think creatively and opt for an enclosed vanity instead of a pedestal sink and install additional towel hooks for extra space.

    What kind of flooring do you recommend?

    Marble floors may seem like the perfect choice if you are looking to up-level your bathroom to upscale.  But a better, safer option might be slip-resistant tile.  Along with fitting multiple design styles, you’ll never worry about slipping on tile, whereas you might want to watch your steps with marble.  And if you’re thinking about installation carpeting in any part of your bathroom – just splurge on a few good bath rugs.

    How important is ventilation?

    If your daily bathroom includes long or multiple showers, you’ll need the extra ventilation.  Long, hot showers can not only leave mirrors steamed up but can coat walls and leave woodwork smelling moldy.  Although most building codes require a ventilation fan for bathrooms with no windows, we always recommend a ventilation fan – no matter if there’s a window or not.  Whether you end up going with a regular fan vent, fan and light combination, or a fan with a built-in heater, we guarantee you’ll like the extra ventilation and keeping the window closed during the colder Michigan months.

    What kind of bathroom fixtures do you recommend?

    Depending on your style and budget, homeowners can have a plethora of fixtures to choose from.  However, bathroom fixtures add up quickly, so we recommend deciding on the most important factors, first, before diving into the selection process: design, comfort, price, and efficiency.  Our little secret: purchasing high-efficiency bathroom fixtures helps recoup costs you spend on fixtures, and you can feel good about conserving water.

    Can I see examples of your previous Michigan bathroom remodels?

    If you’re looking to do a luxury Michigan bathroom remodel, don’t be afraid to ask the Michigan bathroom remodeling company for reference pictures of other luxury bathroom remodels.  At Vinyl Sash, we also offer free, in-home design consultations, so you can discuss trending bathroom designs with our top designers. 

    Looking to change something up in your home, but not sure what?  Contact Vinyl Sash for a free, in-home design consultation to see what your new and improved bathroom could look like.  Whether you are looking for a more refined, contemporary or farmhouse style bathroom, our experts can plan out a design you’ll love.