• Questions To Ask Your Sunroom Contractor In Flint

    April 13, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you’ve been contemplating getting a sunroom for your Flint, Michigan home, you’re making a wise decision! Sunrooms add value to a home while offering a relaxing atmosphere for the home’s occupants. Sunrooms also offer an array of features, with one of the biggest being energy-efficient windows.

    Did you know that Energy Star windows can help a homeowner save up to $465 per year? Once the windows are replaced with single-pane windows, homeowners can save over $400 annually. Let’s delve into the questions you should ask your sunroom contractor in Flint, MI before getting a sunroom.

    What Kind Of Experience Do You Have?

    Once you decide upon a sunroom for your Flint home, you want to ask your potential sunroom contractor in Flint the amount of experience that they have. Your contractor should also be able to show you images of previous work. You want to be able to see how they were able to transform homes into places that have wonderful and energy-efficient sunrooms. Don’t forget to inquire about any experience that the contractor has in building sunroom additions too. Your contractor should be someone who has a vision of what your home would look like with a wonderful sunroom.

    Who Will Be Building My Sunroom?

    Another question you want to ask your potential sunroom contractor in Flint is who will be building the sunroom. Will the company employ a sub-contractor or an additional sunroom contractor in Michigan to complete your sunroom? What kind of credentials and licenses will those individuals have? It’s important that you know who will exactly be working on your sunroom in your home.

    What Kind of Materials Will Be Used To Construct My Sunroom?

    The sunrooms of today are all about energy efficiency. Therefore, it makes sense to have a sunroom constructed of materials that will help you save money on your utility bills. Your sunroom contractor in Flint should be able to tell you all of the materials that they will be using for your sunroom, and how those materials will benefit your existing home. You certainly don’t want a sunroom that will be a toxic environment for family members and guests who come to visit. You also don’t want a sunroom that will cost you more in electricity, heat, and gas throughout the years.

    What Kind Of Warranty Does My Sunroom Come With?

    Another important question that you want to ask your sunroom contractor in Flint is what warranty will you receive for your sunroom and how long of a warranty will you receive. You want your sunroom to last for years to come. You want the materials and construction of the sunroom to have some safeguards in place. So, be sure to get a warranty guarantee in writing from your sunroom contractor in Flint.

    Now that you know what questions to ask your contractor, we hope to have your business! As the most reliable and dedicated sunroom contractor in Flint, we provide sunrooms that are constructed to withstand anything that Michigan weather offers. Our sunrooms are built using quality materials. We also provide elements that help your home remain energy efficient. Count on us for a sunroom that family members, friends, and guests will love.

    For other areas in your home that may need renovation, we also offer quality and sustainable decks, innovative and durable vinyl windows, luxury bathroom remodeling, and more. Turn that dream of a sunroom into a reality. Connect with us today, your most trusted sunroom contractor in Flint. We’re ready to help you turn your home into a showplace with a brand-new sunroom!