• Why Should You Replace Your Home’s Windows Before Winter

    October 31, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Winter inspires neat designs such as cozy fires and elegant decorations. Yet aging or malfunctioning windows can seep out all the season’s joys. While windows last relatively long, the effects and pressures of changing weather put a toll on windows. While you can have your windows replaced anytime, some seasons are more suitable. Of all the seasons, winter is the most unsuitable for window replacement in Michigan. Therefore, you should do window replacement well in advance. Here are four reasons you should replace your windows before winter.

    1. Save on Energy Costs During Winter

    During winter, temperatures drop significantly, which means you pay for more energy to warm your house. Additionally, old windows have leaks and unsealed loops that increase energy loss. According to the U.S Department of Energy, about 30% of a home’s heating seeps through the windows. But here’s the good news. According to the IRS, you might qualify for a tax credit of up to $200 for installing energy-efficient windows in your Michigan home.

    2. Winter is Unsuitable for Window Replacement

    The sharp decline in temperatures makes winter unsuitable for most home improvement projects. Engaging window replacement companies during winter often means deconstruction and removal of old windows, leaving gaping holes that allow cold from the outside to enter your home. While a window replacement technician might try to finish the project sooner, the process will increase your energy costs.

    3. Old Windows Are More Vulnerable During Winter

    Winter weather conditions are harsher because of moisture and sometimes mobile objects when there is wind. It gets worse if your window is already leaking and trapping moisture. It is best to look for window replacement companies to remove faulty windows before winter to avoid potential problems.

    4. Improve Comfort During Winter

    Most people spend more time indoors during winter. While you may enjoy the extra cozy time with hot coffee, a faulty, energy-inefficient window might diminish your and your family’s comfort levels. Installing new efficient and seal-proof windows will help you enjoy more time indoors. Moreover, summer will be cool too because of the efficient windows. The best time to replace your windows is before winter. Are you looking for window replacement companies to replace your windows? We are a top-rated window replacement company with vast experience in replacing and installing windows in Michigan. Contact us today at Vinyl Sash of Michigan to get your windows ready for winter.