• Saginaw Michigan Window Replacement Companies

  • Saginaw Michigan Window Replacement Companies

    Saginaw Michigan Window Replacement

    If your windows no longer compliment your home’s aesthetics or let in Michigan elements, it may be time to shop around for a new Saginaw Michigan window replacement company. New windows allow for better curbside appeal, improved energy efficiency, and increased comfortability. Although the initial investment can be expensive, Saginaw homeowners recoup the cost of new windows through reduced utility bills and increased home value. You also have the option of installing new energy-efficient windows, which can yield a higher return on your investment.

    What to Know About Saginaw Window Replacement Companies

    Outside of finding an expert window replacement company or contractor, there are a few key things you should know before making an investment in new windows:

    • Correct Window Installation – Proper window installation forms a water barrier between inside your home and outside. You can buy the most energy-efficient windows on the market, but if they are not installed properly, you won’t see the benefits of the replacement windows.
    • Window Replacement ROI – You can expect up to 85% ROI when you properly install new vinyl windows in your home. On top of increasing the resale value of your home, reduced utility bills will provide you with monthly savings.
    • Available Incentives & Rebates – When determining your final ROI, always check the availability of incentives or rebates in the Saginaw area. Some utility companies offer rebates if you purchase ENERGY STAR windows, which could add $200 or more per window to your wallet.
    • Window Life Expectancy – A new set of windows typically lasts 20+ years. Vinyl windows often last longer, although regular maintenance and repairs will be needed. With Vinyl Sash of Michigan’s 50-year transferrable warranty, your windows are in good hands.

    Choosing Your Next Saginaw Window Replacement Contractor

    It’s important to do your homework before signing a contract with a local window replacement company. At Vinyl Sash of Michigan, we recommend all homeowners and business owners consider the following:

    • Licensing & Insurance – Check to see if your window replacement company has the proper licensing and insurance on hand. They should be able to provide up to date documentation for worker’s compensation and general liability.
    • Hidden Fees & Costs – Be aware of hidden fees and costs in free estimates. Your estimate should include line-item costs and any associated warranty information.
    • References – Whether you look at online reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website or contact given references directly, make sure the company’s customers were satisfied with the job! Don’t forget: window replacement investment is not worth it for improper window fit and installation.

    Discuss Your Window Needs with our Team

    Vinyl Sash of Michigan is a trusted window replacement company in Saginaw, Michigan and surrounding areas. Our windows are custom fit to your home and come with a 50-year transferrable warranty, so you can feel confident in the services you purchase. In addition, all Vinyl Sash windows are manufactured, installed, and serviced by Vinyl Sash employees, ensuring a high-quality window replacement experience. Contact us today to receive your free estimate.

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