• Home decor and home renovation trends have changed in the past few years. As families reshaped their lives around the home during the pandemic, a new emphasis was placed on curating truly authentic spaces that nourish us where we spend the majority of our time. Here are some of the home renovation trends coming in 2022:

    Customizing the Home Office

    When lockdowns started happening in 2020, many office workers found themselves working from their kitchen tables, garages, or even sunrooms. These are not typically ideal work environments.

    In 2022, there will be more office renovations than ever before. Some companies have fully transitioned online, and that gives people the opportunity to make real changes in their homes. Those who have been working from home for two years will invest in creating the kind of environments that allow them to do their best work.

    Inviting Outdoor Spaces and Features

    Public gatherings have been limited, so backyards, patios, and gardens are where people gather. Home renovators are investing in these spaces.

    Indoor spaces that bring in the natural world, like a sunroom, are also growing in popularity. A sunroom can be any room with large windows and a lot of natural light.

    While a sunroom brings the outdoors inside, awnings and comfortable patio furniture bring the comfort of your living room into outdoor environments.

    Everything is Going Green

    Home renovators are more likely to select materials and styles that bring the natural world indoors while also minimizing the real environmental impacts of construction. Wood grains, greens, earth tones, and house plants are all popular choices of materials that are ecologically responsible support these aesthetic choices.

    Interior Design Technology

    Home renovators now have access to many of the same technological tools that design firms use to digitally visualize environments and do complex 3D staging. As more and more people order furniture and supplies online, they are planning, designing, and purchasing on phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

    Boldness and creativity come with these tools. Only 26.97% of bathroom renovations have a traditional aesthetic, and innovative designs are easier to implement when they can be visually validated.

    What to Expect

    In 2022, home renovations are about bold, natural, and authentic aesthetics that create durable, multi-purpose living spaces. Now that our homes are also our offices and our sanctuaries, we’re investing more in making them places we want to spend our time.