• The SunRoom Addition Ideas You Didn’t Know You Needed

    May 8, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Are you considering a sunroom addition? Turn your house into a home that you love with modern and trendy sunroom ideas. The majority of homeowners nowadays are going for a modern design aesthetic for every room. According to Real Homes, about 12.43% of bathrooms have a modern design aesthetic. You might want to adopt this approach with your Michigan sunroom. Here are some sunroom ideas you didn’t know you needed.

    Maximum Glass

    Most people love sunroom additions in Michigan because they bring in lots of natural light. A sunroom also enables you to appreciate your view of the outside. To get the most out of your sunroof, it’s crucial to have a design that uses as much glass as possible. One popular sunroom idea involves stretching the windows tall from floor to ceiling. This not only enables you to see as much of the outdoors as possible, but it also gives your house a modern look. However, this design might not be possible within a traditional build. Instead, you need to hire a contractor who can build modular sunrooms so you can extend the window space all the way to the corner.

    Picture Window Feel

    A lot of homeowners are adopting grid work on windows. However, this trend doesn’t seem to be too popular when it comes to sunroom additions in Michigan. Instead, you should go for an uninterrupted picture window style. This is one of the most popular trends nowadays when it comes to sunroom addition design. Again, this idea comes from the fact that sunrooms are generally better when you have as much glass space as possible. This will enable you to have an uninterrupted view of the outside. So, while the grid system might appear gorgeous and rustic, it won’t really match the style and the functionality of a Michigan sunroom.

    Flow to the Rest of the House

    There is a growing trend of homeowners who are creating a flow between their sunrooms and the rest of the house. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to match the color pattern of your sunroom and the rest of the home. You can also connect the areas with a single exposed structural beam. This will give anyone who sees the sunroom the idea that it’s an extension of the home instead of a separate area that’s more outdoors than indoors.

    These are some of the popular sunroom ideas that you might not know you needed. If you need help designing and constructing the best sunroom, get in touch with us today.