• Sunrooms are gorgeous additions that provide extra living space and boost home value. The percentage of the population who are aging makes up 50% of homeowners pursuing renovations. Many of those homeowners have also fallen in love with sunrooms. If you recently added a sunroom to your Michigan property, you can keep it consistently clean by following the tips below.

    Consider Replacing Your Sunroom’s Windows

    It’s common to see sunrooms outfitted with floor-to-ceiling windows to allow as much natural light to enter the home as possible. The windows also help create that connection between your home interior and yard.

    Because windows take up so much indoor space, it can be a real issue if they have sizable gaps. Keeping your sunroom clean may be next to impossible because its windows are incompatible with that goal. Upon realizing that problem, you need to contact a sunroom contractor in Michigan and request window replacement.

    Prioritize vinyl windows because they’re easier to clean. It would help if you also looked at windows with weatherstripping because they excel at keeping dirt and debris out of the sunroom. Custom-fit windows are also ideal replacements to make maintenance more manageable.

    Develop a Sunroom Cleaning Routine Based on the Room’s Makeup

    This home space can differ in terms of its material composition. This space is often made from the same materials used to construct the rest of the home. Other times, unique materials may be used to build the sunroom.

    To ensure you handle maintenance correctly, consult a sunroom contractor in Michigan and ask about that part of your home’s material makeup. This step is critical if your home already had a sunroom before you moved in.

    Keep the Greenery Around Your Sunroom Well-Maintained

    Proper sunroom maintenance requires more than just regularly cleaning the room itself. You also have to look outside because the area surrounding this space could be the cause of your cleanliness. Unkempt bushes and trees may constantly throw debris inside and even serve as pathways for pests.

    Remember to maintain those elements of your yard to keep the room clean. Trim the bushes and prune the trees so they don’t cause any problems. You should also check whether or not insects have already gotten there.

    Maintaining your sunroom can be a simple task. That task becomes even easier if you enlist the aid of a sunroom contractor in Michigan. Are you looking to make a similar addition to your home? Contact Vinyl Sash of Michigan today!