• Turn Your Sunroom Into a Greenhouse With These 4 Tips

    May 24, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Are you interested in having a greenhouse? A greenhouse is perfect for people who want to grow vegetables and other plants year-round. If you have a sunroom, it provides the ideal opportunity to have a greenhouse without building a new structure. Here are ways to turn this space into a greenhouse.

    Choose Plants Wisely

    Be mindful that all plants won’t fit your sunroom greenhouse well. The best ones to choose are ones that can operate in lower light. Some lower-light vegetables include bok choy, microgreens, spinach, and kale. On an even better note, these vegetables have some of the most intense nutritional levels. Suppose you are keen on herbs, which also have additional properties. In that case, you can grow them very well in the sunroom, according to the Household Guide.

    Insulate From Cold

    While your sunroom will provide plenty of sunlight, it can be susceptible to air leaks if it isn’t insulated. As a result, it won’t have the proper greenhouse effect your plants need to thrive. Therefore, you may need to insulate your space further to protect it when winter sets in. Add thicker curtains to fix leaks and seal any loose window chalking. Check for vulnerabilities like cracks that allow air to leak in.

    Strategically Remove Barriers

    One of the benefits of having this room is viewing nature directly outside. However, you may have to remove certain trees or other vegetation that are too close. Certain trees or shrubs may be blocking the maximum sunlight your plants need.

    Watch the Temperature

    Find ways to adjust the room’s temperature to create the ultimate balance. According to RTPR, adding curtains or blinds can block the sun when it’s too intense, such as between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M. Ensure proper air circulation to avoid excessive humidity, which can kill certain plants. You may need to upgrade your HVAC system or occasionally open or crack windows when needed. You may also want to add a fan to help with ventilation and circulation.

    According to Home Stratosphere, 55% of sunrooms are medium-sized spaces. Our Michigan-based company handles sunrooms. Contact Vinyl Sash of Michigan so you can start growing plants indoors by summer.