• How are replacement windows installed in Michigan?

    February 18, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • You may be looking at your home’s windows and thinking: Replacing my windows would leave my home – and utility bill – looking better and I wonder if I could replace my windows by myself as a DIY project.  Before you decide to purchase the materials to replace your own windows or find a local company in Michigan to do it for you, it’s important to get smart on how to remove and replace windows.  Take a look below to understand more on window measurement, removal, and installation:

    Measuring for Replacement Windows

    The last thing you want is to order the wrong window sizes for your home makeover.  Before purchasing new windows for your home, it’s necessary for any window replacement professional to determine the height and width of the window pocket.  Make sure to measure the inside of the existing frame instead of the stops that hold the window sashes in place.  This way, the window glass will fit into the window sash properly.

    Removing Old Windows

    As there are many types of windows, the steps and processes may vary slightly.  For some projects, it is easiest to remove the window sashes from the insight before proceeding with window removal.  However, in many cases, you can begin by removing any storm windows and scoring the window edge along the frame.  Older windows may have sash weights or springs, so make sure to carefully remove them while holding any springs in place.  Identify the window’s stops and then score and remove them, depending on whether you are replacing windows from the interior or exterior of your home.  If you are replacing the windows from the inside of your home, remove the interior stops – and vice versa for external window removal.

    Installing New Windows

    After window measurement and removal, it’s time for new window installation!  First thing’s first: always remove any dust or debris from the window opening before beginning Michigan window installations.  Before applying silicone caulk at the stops and sill, apply flashing tape, check to see if the sill is level, and dry-fit your new window.  It’s then appropriate to place the window in the opening, secure it against the caulk, and reinforce the windows using screws in the shims.  To ensure your new installation is airtight and waterproof, fill any gaps with spray foam insulation and finalize the job by installing trip and caulking along the interior trim.

    With so many window configurations on the market and in homes, contacting a professional may be necessary to ensure your home improvement needs and expectations are met.  Vinyl Sash of Michigan has been serving homeowners across the state since 1934 and has the professional staff to make sure your window replacement is done the right way, the first time.  Paired with quality designed products made to withstand Michigan’s elements, we are your trusted partner for all window needs.  If you’re interested in learning more or receiving a free, in-depth consultation, let our expert team know by giving us a call.