• Vinyl Window Estimates Flint Michigan

  • Vinyl Window Estimates In Flint Michigan

    If you are on the market to purchase new windows for your home, you’ve come to the right place.  Vinyl Sash of Michigan is well-known in the window industry and has been trusted by Flint homeowners for many decades.  On top of our quality work, the exerts at Vinyl Sash are in the business to give you a transparent estimate, so you know what your window replacement investment will be upfront.

    Why Homeowners Buy into Vinyl Windows

    Vinyl windows are energy-efficient, cost-effective, easily installed – and the list goes on.  On top of it all, vinyl windows add to the resale cost of your home and its curbside appeal, making them a win-win situation for anyone looking to sell their home now or later.  No matter if you’re looking to save money on your upcoming energy bills or improve the curbside appeal for a new buyer, vinyl windows are an excellent investment to consider.

    What to Look for in Your Vinyl Window Estimate

    Your vinyl window provider should always provide a window replacement estimate, so you know the cost of the project upfront.  As you begin to shop around for window replacement estimates in Flint, make sure to look for the following elements, which can be found in any transparent estimate:

    • Project Timeline – A good estimate will always have a project start and end date.  You don’t have to be stuck with a provider that cannot start for months or cannot finish the project in time.
    • Line-Item Estimates – Instead of one final number for the window replacement, make sure to get an estimate broken down by material and labor costs.  This will be helpful once you start comparing costs across window replacement companies.
    • Potential Hidden Fees – Avoid hidden costs during your window replacement by ensuring all activities are included in the estimate.  As delivery fees and dump fees for non-hazardous materials are the most common hidden fees, ask whether these costs are included in the estimate.  If not, consider looking elsewhere to get your windows replaced.
    • Top Rated Warranties – No one wants to buy a product that is not insured.  All window warranties should be included in the initial estimate; otherwise, your vinyl windows are likely not insured.

    Invest in Vinyl Sash of Michigan

    With over 100 years of experience in the industry, Vinyl Sash of Michigan is here for all your roofing needs.  All our windows are manufactured, installed, and serviced by Vinyl Sash, so you don’t have to worry about sub-contractors or other middlemen.  With a 50-year transferable warranty and vinyl frames that insulate 1400x better than aluminum, what’s not to like about Vinyl Sash’s replacement windows?  If you’re looking for a local Flint window replacement partner, contact us at Vinyl Sash of Michigan today.

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