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    Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows
    Windows are extremely important for the function and structure of your home. From keeping Michigan elements outside and providing soundproofing for your home, you want to make sure all windows are property installed and up to date.

    Unfortunately, with moving in and out of homes, it’s easy to forget about window regular maintenance and needed upgrades. If your energy bills have slowly been increasing over the years or you’ve notice damage to the glass or frames, contact your local Michigan vinyl window replacement experts. We will get you up to speed on pricing and replacement timeline with our free estimate.

    Why Homeowners Love Vinyl Windows

    Out of all the windows on the market, homeowners are obsessed with vinyl. If properly installed, replacement vinyl windows can last two to three times as long as wood and metal windows. Plus, unlike wood, vinyl does not rot, corrode, or fade over time.

    Along with longevity and low maintenance, vinyl windows save you money in the long run. Expect to see up to 30% savings in your cooling and heating bills when purchasing energy-efficient vinyl windows. And if you’re thinking about selling your home in the future, you can recover up to 71% of the cost of the remodeling cost.

    What to Ask Your Michigan Vinyl Window Replacement Company

    You can easily buy the best vinyl windows on the market but getting them properly installed is another story. Improper installation, upcharges, and delayed timelines can become your reality if you’re not careful. Make sure to ask your new vinyl window replacement company in Michigan about these factors before you sign on the dotted line:

    o   Certification – Contractors that are certified and trained are more likely to install your windows properly. Many manufacturers recommend hiring a Michigan window replacement company that has been certified and trained on their specific products. With Vinyl Sash of Michigan, all our experts are qualified and knowledgeable of the products we sell and install.

    o   Installation – Some window replacement companies hire sub-contractors for window installation services. Always ask about the qualifications and certifications of the team that will be completing your window replacement. Otherwise, you risk having subpar contractors completed your job.

    o   Warranty – Best-in-class warranties help protect your investment if something unexpected goes wrong. 25+ year, transferrable warranties are ideal if you are purchasing windows. Vinyl Sash goes above and beyond customer expectations by offering 50-year, transferable warranties on most products.

    o   Testimonials – Chances are, you can a good idea of it’s worth working with a specific company by their testimonials. Look for online reviews and ask your community about top window replacement companies in your area.

    Hire the Window Replacement Company Everyone Trusts

    If you’re looking for a local vinyl replacement company in Michigan, contact our experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan. We cannot wait to work with you!

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