• How to Choose a Flint Vinyl Window Replacement Company.

    March 25, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Replacing the windows in your home not only improves the look of your home – but also brings down your energy costs.  We all want better curb appeal and lower utility bills, but before you go with the first Flint vinyl window replacement company you come across, it’s important to do your homework.  If you’re considering replacing your windows with vinyl, these are the top four things you should have top of mind:

    Product Quality

    Similar to a new roof, your window replacements can last for up to thirty years or more – but only if the quality is impeccable.  Choosing to go with a subpar window replacement company can leave you having to replace your windows in ten years or less.  To determine whether your window replacement company can get the job done right, first look at the window materials being used.  When looking at vinyl window replacements, the two best factors to look at are the frame quality and energy efficiency.  It’s best if the vinyl is manufactured at a reputable company, and the vinyl should have a high ENERGY STAR rating.

    Installation Process

    You can have the best product around, but if your windows cannot be installed correctly, you’re better off going with another company.  When shopping for window replacement companies, look for contractors and companies that are certified.  Certified professionals are required to meet strict quality standards and are also subject to random inspections.

    Customer Service

    A seamless window replacement begins and ends with excellent customer service.  No one likes it when they have to spend hours on the phone to get through to a customer service representative.  Make sure the window replacement company walks you through the planning process – from choosing your windows, all the way to providing repairs and parts if the window is ever damaged.

    Customer Base

    Happy customers signify a job well done.  Referrals and references can give you a good idea of the window replacement company’s quality and reputation.  Always ask for a list of past customers and a referral list, so you can get an inside scoop on what others have experienced first-hand.  We also recommend looking at online customer reviews on HomeStars and Better Business Bureau.

    Company History

    At the end of the day, you want a Flint window replacement company that has the expertise to get any job done the right way.  Expertise often comes with experience, so don’t overlook the number of years your company’s been in business.  Ideally, your next vinyl window replacement company has at least ten years of experience in window replacement and installation.

    Choosing your next Flint vinyl window replacement company can be difficult.  The expert team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan is here to make your job easier by providing excellent customer service, quality vinyl materials, and experienced professionals that will make your home look and feel great.  Let our expert team know by giving us a call if you’re interested in learning more about our window replacement services or receiving a free, in-depth consultation.