• What Additions Will Make Your Luxury Bathroom Stand Out?

    June 26, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • When deciding which home improvements to invest in, you should consider the spaces in your home that work the hardest. Most home experts agree that the kitchen and the bathroom are the hardest working spaces of the entire house. Improvements and upgrades here are always a good investment if you make well-informed choices. Let’s look at a few luxury bathroom additions you can add to make your Michigan bathroom stand out.

    Waterfall Shower Heads

    If you’re having a bathroom renovation, you’ll want to think of the finishes you’ll use. Faucets make a big difference in your bathroom spaces by creating a more elegant look while improving ease of use. A waterfall shower head can take an ordinary bathroom and make it feel luxurious. Most waterfall showerheads have both rain and waterfall effects. These bathroom fixtures can even come equipped with high-tech lighting systems to provide full spectrum LED chromotherapy.

    Towel Warmers

    If you want your new bathroom to feel like a luxury spa experience, consider installing towel warmers. There is nothing quite so comforting as the feeling of a fresh, warm towel right after your shower or bath. With your own personal towel warmers, you can get this spa experience every time you bathe.

    High-Quality Flooring

    You spend a lot of time in your bathroom barefoot, so high-quality flooring is a must. When designing the bathroom, consider the overall aesthetic you’re going for to ensure that the flooring you choose works seamlessly with everything else.

    Modern Lighting

    Like the faucet choices, lighting choices make a big difference in your newly remodeled and upgraded bathroom. It would help if you talked with lighting experts or your remodeling contractor to learn which lighting options work best for your Michigan bathroom.

    Practical Storage Options

    Even in a luxury bathroom, you need to be practical regarding storage. You need ample storage to keep your bathroom necessities neat and tidy. Please talk with a member of our team to learn about the best ways to navigate storage in your new space.

    These are just a few things to consider when planning your new luxury bathroom in Michigan. If you’re looking for local contractors for bathroom upgrades, please get in touch with us at Vinyl Sash of Michigan today. We look forward to helping you plan your next renovation project.