• When discussing renovating, remodeling, or changing a master bathroom, you may immediately replace a sink, vanity, countertop, or shower. While these are all common elements that may need to be replaced in your bathroom, other features may need to be replaced, which are often not discussed. Learn more about these different elements to understand the full scope of what you should consider replacing as you prepare to undergo a bathroom remodel or renovation project.

    Lighting Fixtures

    Bathrooms are small, but the proper lighting can trick the eye into thinking the space is larger and brighter. You can select many lighting options for a bathroom based on your personal needs. Some people prefer natural lighting, so they can get ready and see what they look like outside of their homes, while some people prefer LED lights, which are perfect for applying makeup.


    Not every bathroom has a window. But, if yours does, you may need to replace the window more frequently than the windows installed in the rest of your home. Moisture and humidity can affect the window as well as the frame. If yours has seen better days, a window replacement company can replace yours.


    Your toilet is one of the most used fixtures in your bathroom. Yet, for some reason, it is not uncommon for people to forget about their toilet when completing a home renovation or remodeling project. Most toilets last about 20 to 25 years. However, it may be time for a replacement if it is leaking or stained.


    Lastly, the mirrors in your bathroom should be replaced during a remodeling or renovation project. Mirrors are affected by humidity, just like windows. They can start to rust or lose their shine and finish. You can select a new shape or replace your existing one with something similar.

    Bathrooms are typically the smallest room in a home. According to a recent study, approximately 15% of all bathrooms are compact. However, while they may be small, they contain elements crucial to your home. You may need a plumber, contractor, window replacement company, and flooring installer to transform your bathroom completely.

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