• What Will Your Remodeling Budget Go to the Most

    August 20, 2022 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • People must be careful with their budget when it comes to remodeling, and that’s not always easy. Therefore, you have to think carefully before making any decisions, budget your money thoughtfully, and invest in what matters. Windows can be a great investment, but you’ll need to hire window installation services for that.

    According to iProperty Management, many homeowners paid, on average, between $5,000 and $10,000 for bettering their houses in 2018, but any amount you spend must be an investment in the future and in things that will truly improve your home. Let’s find out how much remodeling a house costs and how you should allocate your budget.

    The Cost of Remodeling

    The cost will vary depending on the size of your house, but a 1,000 square feet space can go for $19,000. Additionally, older houses cost more money to renovate because wiring, plumbing, and other intricate aspects of the home need to be adjusted.

    Therefore, you’re looking at spending around $10 to $60 per square foot. However, prioritizing certain aspects of your home can make the process easier and cheaper to complete. It’ll also save you money to renovate by room, making each space an individual project.

    How Much Should You Spend?

    While there are estimates to account for a typical renovation, you also have to consider what your house is worth. You don’t want to spend a huge chunk of your home’s value on one room; that doesn’t make sense financially. Normally, a kitchen or bathroom might be the most expensive remodeling project, but it shouldn’t cost you more than 15% of your home’s value.

    Where Should You Spend the Most?

    For most people, the bathroom is the most important part of a house, which is why most experts recommend spending most of your budget on it. You can spend it on solid cabinets and a nice layout, but make sure your home improvement company can properly set-up up your plumbing to your toilet, sink and shower. You don’t want to remodel again anytime soon.

    Investing in a new set of windows is also a great decision because older models are not well insulated, and new technologies can offer so many benefits. Your energy bills could go down as well, but you’ll need to hire window installation services and get their recommendations for your bathroom first.

    Now that you know where to spend your remodeling money, you can start making decisions today. Remember that hiring professional window installation services and home remodelers is in your best decision. Contact Vinyl Sash of Michigan today to learn more!