• When is the best Time to Install Vinyl Windows in Michigan?

    December 17, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • With four distinct seasons, it can be tricky to decide the best time to install vinyl windows if you own a Michigan home.  If the weather is too cold or hot, it can pose a problem for unavoidable window drafts.  Before you know it, warmer weather will be upon us for spring – and that is when we recommend Michigan homeowners plan their next Michigan vinyl window installation. 

    Plan for a Spring Window Replacement

    Planning for a late spring or early summer Michigan vinyl window replacement has many benefits.  As it can take several days to complete the full window replacement, a season with moderate temperature is considered best from a comfort and energy-efficient standpoint.  Additionally, winter and summer seasons often bring storms; and we all know snow and rain don’t do well with open windows.

    Spring Forward for Reduced Prices

    We often see a rush of requests for Michigan window installations in late summer and early fall to get ahead of the winter and holiday season.  It’s easier to find deals for vinyl window installations if you begin looking now and plan your installation for the spring season.  We all love a good discount and being prompt with your planning will only help you save money.  Check out deals from your local window company on New Years Day, MLK Day, and Presidents’ Day for the best deals.

    Skip the Summer Heat
    Window experts become booked quickly in the early spring months.  If you begin your window replacement search in spring, it’s likely your installation will not be complete until the summer.  As summer brings warm, humid weather and thunderstorms, we recommend booking sooner rather than later to avoid delays.

    Insulate Your Home Before the Fall Rush 

    As we mentioned before, many homeowners get around to booking a vinyl window replacement in fall, just ahead of the winter season.  Early fall is a busy season for window replacement companies and contractors – and can become more expensive based on increased demand.  We recommend planning so your replacement is not pushed to the winter.

    Don’t Worry if Your Window Replacement is Scheduled for Winter 

    If your home requires a vinyl window replacement this winter – don’t worry.  Although window replacements are easier to complete in more temperate weather, they can – and have – been done during Michigan winters.  We recommend the following when getting your windows replaced in colder weather:

    • Replace windows individually to reduce cold air flowing into your home
    • Close all windows and doors to the room with windows being installed
    • Use a temporary zip wall if the windows are in the main part of the home or if inclement weather is on the horizon

    In the market for a vinyl window replacement?  Contact our window experts at Vinyl Sash of Michigan.  Whether you require vinyl repairs or a full vinyl window replacement, we can help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.