• Why Are Contemporary Bathrooms Becoming More Popular?

    June 30, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • If you’ve been delaying a bathroom remodel, now is the perfect time to call a local Michigan contractor for a consultation and make that change! Considering a contemporary design for your bathroom, like 29.5% of Americans? Here are the reasons why this style is becoming more popular.

    Integrate Your Personal Style

    Just like any other room in your home, you can personalize your primary bathroom. With various materials and modern designs, your bathroom remodeling contractor can bring out your personality and create a specific mood. Utilizing contemporary styles can make it easier to achieve a more unique design!

    Upgrade for Eco-Friendliness

    Does your water usage concern you? If so, your Michigan bathroom remodeling contractor can use contemporary design features to help reduce water waste. Thanks to maintenance-free and more durable fixtures in your home, your bathroom will be less likely to have dripping faucets or leaks. Americans waste billions of gallons of water annually, states the EPA. Renovators can use other eco-friendly materials, like natural stone counters made of granite or marble and fiberglass shower doors, to enhance the function and design.

    Reduce Energy Bills

    A contemporary bathroom can also reduce the likelihood of excessive bills. As mentioned, leaks increase water waste, which can result in higher water bills. Adding ventilation fans or a window can reduce the need to pay for future mold remediation. By fixing anything outdated, cracked, or weak in your bathroom, you can prevent a waste of water and money.

    Love a Spa Experience

    While there’s nothing like a trip to the spa, it’s even better when you can create an experience from home. Your bathroom is the room in your home where you’re likely to create that type of environment. With an updated contemporary design, you can have a spa-inspired bathroom that is luxurious and relaxing from top to bottom. From rainfall showers to deep soak tubs to metal fixtures and vanities, you may never want to leave your luxurious bathroom.

    As you can see, more people want their bathroom remodeling contractors to use a contemporary style. This style makes it easier to create a unique bathroom that’s also environmentally friendly. To learn more and prepare for this value-increasing renovation, contact our team at Vinyl Sash of Michigan for a consultation.