• Why Storage Should Be Top of Mind When Renovating Your Bathroom

    November 30, 2023 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Planning a bathroom renovation can be fun, as you can choose new flooring, lighting, and paint colors. However, when you work with a bathroom remodeling company, they won’t let you forget about the importance of storage! Only about 31.77% of bathrooms are large, according to Home Stratosphere. This means that average restrooms need storage solutions to make the space functional. Let’s consider a few reasons to prioritize storage during your bathroom remodel.


    The biggest reason why you should prioritize storage is because you need a functional bathroom. When toiletries and linens don’t have an organized home, the bathroom can quickly get chaotic. You’ll need to think ahead about the types of storage needs you and your family have. Will a basic linen closet be enough? Do you also need under-vanity storage? What about built-in toiletry niches? These are questions to answer early on in the planning process to create the powder room of your dreams.


    If you don’t have adequate storage in your bathrooms, it will become harder to keep the space clean and tidy. This can be an issue if a restroom is also used for guest usage. You want to be able to keep linens and personal items out of sight if others will be using the space as well.

    Home Value

    When planning any home upgrade, you’ll want to consider how the changes you’re making will affect the value of your home. Even if you aren’t planning to sell the home right now, those plans could change in the future. You want your home to have features that a potential buyer would see as an asset, not a turn-off. Bathroom storage is a huge priority for most people. When you hire a bathroom remodeling company, you’ll get added value to your home during your project!

    Space Considerations

    Another reason restroom storage should be at the top of your list is to ensure that your available space is used efficiently. If you’re going to dedicate space to new bathroom storage, you’ll want to plan this out first. That way, other elements of the project will be accounted for accurately.

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