• Why You Should Use a Window Installation Service Instead of DIYing It

    August 19, 2021 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • People are becoming more self-sufficient because of tutorials and tools available to help them do things they could previously not. While this is commendable and helps teach people new skills, there are a few things best left to experts. One of these things is installing windows, and to see why you should have a look at the following reasons why it’s best to hire a window installation service.

    Help With Cleanup and Disposal

    With window installation, there is a lot of debris generated. If you go the DIY route, you will have to deal with the extra hassle of disposing of the debris, including paying any charges necessary. Hiring a window installation service, on the other hand, will make things easier especially because the quote given often covers waste disposal.

    Speed and Efficiency

    Enlisting the services of a window installation service will guarantee you get a fast and accurate job done. Rather than have to set aside time in your schedule to do the job and then risk extra expenditure when something goes wrong and has to be redone, an expert will get it right the first time. That aside, you may not have all the necessary tools, and buying them or renting them is not a great financial decision because you will probably only use them once.

    Accuracy in Measurements

    It is easy enough to take your window measurements, but if they are off by even half an inch, you will probably have to send them back. This will probably cost you a restocking fee as well as take up a lot of your time. An expert window installer will take measurements once, and even if they make an error, the charge will most probably be made on their tab and not yours. Windows that are not the right fit will also present leakage of air, costing you energy within the home. Note that Energy Star windows, when they replace single-pane windows, can save a homeowner an average of $126 to $465 annually.

    Before you set your mind on installing your windows yourself, take the time to think about the possible issues. Getting it done right and in a short time is much more gratifying than going through the learning curve only to use the skills and tools you get just once in your life.