• Your Home Remodel Is Not Complete Without the Following

    June 28, 2024 | Blog | Jordynn Bloss
  • Is it time for a change? The dawn of summer may inspire you to revamp your home, especially if it’s been years since doing so. A Michigan home remodeling project can finally create the modern and custom space you need. From vinyl windows to enhanced outdoor spaces, complete your home remodel with the following.

    New Windows

    According to the EPA, the average American home has an average of 22 windows. Your windows are one feature equally visible inside and outside. Poor insulation and cracks lead to heat loss and drafts. Energy Star windows may save you an average of $126 to $465 annually when replacing single-pane windows. Vinyl windows are popular options due to their energy efficiency and durability from the weather and insects.


    After the pandemic, many American homeowners understood the value of enhancing their outdoor space. According to Psychology Today, being in nature automatically creates a sense of well-being and could enhance mental health. You can enjoy nature from the comfort of your home by building a deck or patio. A deck provides the foundation for you to relax as you sit or lounge outside.


    A solid roof protects your Michigan home from the elements. When it has vulnerabilities, it can cost you a great deal of money due to heat loss or water damage from leaks. If you’re overdue for a roof replacement, include it in your home remodel this year. A new roof can be made from popular asphalt shingles, metal, slate, TPO, and more. According to Bob Vila, an asphalt roof lasts up to 25 years, while metal and slate last up to 70 years with good maintenance.


    A bathroom upgrade is the second most popular type of renovation by American homeowners. Your bathroom is often the most frequently used room in the home, so it should be as functional and comfortable as possible. Your Michigan home remodel is the chance to add rainfall showers, deep soaking tubs, saunas, better ventilation, bidets, and upgraded tiles. According to Forbes, something as simple as painting the walls in baby blue can yield an extra $5,000 in resale value.

    From vinyl windows to water-saving bathroom fixtures, your home renovation should always include these things. Your home is your castle, so it should look like one. Contact Vinyl Sash of Michigan today for a renovation consultation.